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Food and Agriculture Institute

Dig for Your Rights!

Spiske, M. (2016). [photographer] Rearing tomatoes for self support 2

Dr. Superle accepted expressions of interest from teachers in the Abbotsford and Chilliwack School Districts to host a Dig for Your Rights! pilot program in their classroom early 2023.

Collaboration with Dr. Superle in this program aims to meet curriculum goals and support innovative research on the development of rights-based programming to support food security and sovereignty in our community!

The pilot program will provide all the tools to make the program easy for teachers to implement, including: 

  • UNCRC posters, plus now hand-held cards with the relevant individual UNCRC articles on them 
  • the “knowledge measure” of before and after questionnaires 
  • suggested program activities and timelines 
  • class use of picture books to support literacy circle activities 
  • art supplies to support creative activities 
  • one notebook per student for reflective journalling 
  • one field trip  
  • extension project: community letter writing campaign (based on the picture book, What Grew in Larry’s Garden), in conjunction with Chilliwack Schools Garden program 
  • extension project: Food Museum + Challenge  

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