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Grounds and landscaping

Our grounds maintenance staff are committed to implementing sustainable practices that foster the environmental stewardship of campus lands.The grounds maintenance staff have the responsibility of providing safe, clean and functional outdoor spaces that enhance the well-being of students, faculty, staff and visitors.

To request services, or advise of an issue, please submit a work request.

What we do

  • pick up litter and empty exterior waste bins
  • maintain turf and gardens
  • provide arborist services
  • maintain parking lots
  • snow and ice removal
  • leaf removal
  • maintain and install hardscape
  • landscape renovation projects

Tree management

UFV’s campus trees are an important part of an integrated system that connects students, faculty, staff and visitors to a natural system. UFV’s trees contribute to the vibrant character of the campus and enhance quality of life.

As part of UFV’s mandate to provide green infrastructure, UFV is developing a strategic management plan for campus trees.This plan will provide recommendations, goals and an overall direction for planning, design and development as it relates to trees. This plan will also identify best management practices for the maintenance of campus trees.

Trees are selected for aesthetic quality, resistance to pests and disease and tolerance of drought and urban stressors. Native trees are preferred whenever suitable. To maintain target tree canopy cover levels grounds staff plant new trees and provide post-planting care and watering.

Campus trees are pruned and maintained on a 5-year cycle. Hazards posed by trees such as broken overhead branches and unstable trees are dealt with by emergency crews immediately. Trees severely damaged by storms but remaining structurally sound receive restoration pruning rather than removal.

Pest management

Grounds maintenance staff are responsible for the control of organisms that damage the aesthetics and health of plants or negatively impact the natural ecosystem.

UFV has adopted an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach for greenspace management that suppresses pests through a combination of methods that include cultural, physical and biological controls.

The goal is to minimize if not eliminate the use of chemical pesticides.

Grounds staff are involved in prevention strategies, pest identification and monitoring, setting action thresholds, applying appropriate controls, record keeping and evaluation of the effectiveness of the program.

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