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Student Testimonials


Q: When did you first find out about the Transitions program?
I was first aware of the Transitions program offered at my school several years ago. I believe that Media Communications was offered to senior students and I heard lots of positive feedback from some of my friends who chose to take the course. Q: What made you want to participate? I was particularly interested in the subjects offered in my grade twelve year, and it was tuition-free!

Q: What were some of the advantages to participating? 
I feel that the practical experience of participating in a university class will be invaluable when it comes to transitioning this coming fall. I am now equipped with the standard skills needed, such as: public speaking, writing academic papers, and exploring the UFV online library.
Q: What courses did you take?
I took a Kinesiology class called “Contemporary Health Issues”. I chose to take this course because I felt it would relate to my career aspirations of becoming a registered nurse. The following semester, I took an introductory Criminology class.
Q: How did participating in the Transitions program prepare you for university?
I feel that because I participated in the Transitions program, I am more prepared to enter university because I have a general understanding of what to expect and the resources available to UFV students.
Q: What advice would you give to other high school students thinking about participating in the Transitions program?
Make sure the elective you want to complete is an approved elective for the degree you’re planning to pursue. Also, your registration for next year will be grouped with the first year students instead of new students, so don’t be surprised if your registration date isn’t the same as your friends!

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