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Indigenous Affairs

Indigenization at UFV

UFV's strategic Indigenization plan

Learn about the development and improvement of Aboriginal post-secondary education programs and services with the University of the Fraser Valley.

Indigenization Committee

UFV Indigenization Committee advises Senate on measures to ensure alignment of academic, budgetary, and other priorities of Senate with UFV’s Indigenization plans and initiatives.

Indigenous Studies Curriculum Committee

The Indigenous Studies Curriculum Committee (ISCC) is a university-wide committee of selected faculty members mandated with researching and informing the process of Indigenization, the development of Indigenous Studies curriculum and programming at UFV.

Indigenous honorary doctorates

Consult the list of UFV's Indigenous honorary doctorates recipients.

Cultural Resurgence S'iwes, Sept 2021 to Mar 2022

Join the Indigenous Affairs office and learn traditional teachings from the elders and resource people in the community through the Cultural Resurgence program.

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