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Information Studies

Library Technician Post Diploma Certificate

Fall 2024 course - LIBT 382: Promotional Planning for Library Technicians

September 16 - November 9, 2024

CRN: 91607 | Online | 2 credits | Instructor: Toby Willis-Camp

Prerequisite(s): Admission to the Library Technician Post-Diploma certificate program, or permission of department

This course will examine various aspects of promotion for information centres. Students will define their own core values in order to develop methods of asserting those values and image through self promotion. Additionally, students will examine and create strategies for building lasting professional relationships in their field while exploring aspects of marketing, advocacy, and public relations.

Library Technician Post-diploma certificate



2 years

Online, Part time

How to apply

Start date:
January, September, May 




  • Online learning: Complete the program online


The Library Technician post-diploma certificate program is designed to meet the needs of working library technicians who have completed a diploma and wish to pursue career-enhancing opportunities. It is a part-time online program designed for library technicians seeking continuing education opportunities that directly address issues relating to their profession. This program is specifically designed to meet the needs of working professionals. All courses are offered over 8 weeks online.

The program is offered online to allow you to arrange study time around your work schedule. Course materials are designed to equip you with practical skills and help you succeed in the rapidly evolving landscape of information technology in Canada. Check to see if the program qualifies for funding through your workplace's professional development program.

Currently, there are five courses available that can be completed in any order. Courses are worth 2 academic credits each.

  • LIBT 380: Emergent Library Technologies
  • LIBT 381: Leadership for Library Technicians
  • LIBT 382: Promotional Planning for Library Technicians
  • LIBT 383: Diversity in the Workplace
  • LIBT 385: Information Rights: Privacy and Freedom

View course outlines in the UFV Academic Calendar

As a Library Technician Post-diploma certificate student, you are eligible for services including the Library, Advising, Career Centre, Student Union Society and more.


In BC, library technicians typically work in information and cultural industries, elementary and secondary schools, universities, and community colleges. The employment outlook for library technicians is good with low levels of unemployment. Job growth is expected due to the large number expected to retire -22% who are currently employed as library technicians are over the age of 55.


  1. Completion of UFV's two-year Library and Information Technology diploma, or a two-year library technician diploma program from a recognized institution that is compliant with the Canadian Library Association Guidelines for the Education of Library Technicians.
  2. Applicants must meet the Degree/diploma level English language proficiency requirement. For details on how this requirement may be met, see the English language proficiency requirement section of the calendar.


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