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FAQs about the GPA Calculator

Using the GPA Calculator

The GPA Calculator tool can help you understand the effects of course grades on GPA, set realistic academic goals for current and future terms, map the path for achieving academic honours, and in calculating a projected end-of-semester GPA.

The GPAs generated by the calculators do not account for repeated courses or transfer credit used to meet program requirements.

There are three different GPA calculators listed on the left side of the screen.

  • the Graduation calculator
  • the Term calculator
  • the Advice calculator

The Graduation calculator provides a general view of the average GPA you need to achieve in your remaining courses in order to reach a desired GPA.

The Term calculator provides a projected GPA based on anticipated grades earned in courses for the current semester.

The Advice calculator is used to determine how you can raise or lower your GPA using actual grades as advice.