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UFV 2021-2026 Integrated Strategic Plan

Integrated strategic planning process

The integrated strategic planning process, which began in the fall of 2018, is made up of four phases:

Phase one: Visioning

Timeline: Completed October 2018 to June 2019
Objective: Clarify our mission and values, and articulate a vision of the university we want to become.

The results of the visioning phase—which consisted of updated statements of UFV’s vision, mission and values—were signed off by UFV’s Board of Governors in June 2019. You can access the consultation summaries for that process on the consultation results page.

Phase two: Strategic planning

Timeline: September 2019 to December 2020
Objective: Define our goals and choose the strategies that will accomplish those goals.

The current phase, strategic planning, is being led by Dr. James Mandigo, Provost and Vice-President in two stages: the development of strategic goals and the development of strategic imperatives that will fulfill those goals.

Strategic goals (completed in April 2020)

The strategic goals describe the main outcomes that UFV would like to see as a result of this integrated strategic plan. In January and February 2020, Dr. James Mandigo met with the following UFV committees and governing bodies to talk about the integrated strategic planning process and get input on UFV’s draft goals: The President’s Advisory Committee; UFV Board of Governors; Senate; Academic Planning and Priorities Committee; the Deans Council; Indigenization Committee of Senate; Student Union Society; the Provost’s Senior Academic Leadership Team; the Administrative Council; the Strategic Planning Stakeholder Group; and the Strategic Planning Thought Leadership Group.

In March, the entire UFV community was asked to give feedback on the draft strategic goals through an online survey. That feedback was brought to the Strategic Planning Stakeholder group, who finalized the wording of the three goals.

Strategic imperatives (completed in December 2020)

Strategic imperatives are the key measurable objectives that UFV must focus on in order to achieve its strategic goals. A list of potential strategic was developed through facilitated sessions that included members of the President’s Office; members of the Provost’s Senior Academic Leadership Team; members of the leadership teams of the Vice-President Students, the Vice-President Administration and the Vice-President External, Department Heads and Directors, Research Centre Chairs, members of the President’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, members of the Strategic Planning Stakeholder’s Group, members of the Strategic Planning Thought Leadership Group, executive members of the Student Union Society, and our Indigenous Elders.

UFV community member were then asked for their input on the strategic imperatives they would prioritize and why. The results were used to create a draft of the integrated strategic plan, which was circulated through the committees and governing bodies in November and December.


Guiding principles and Strategic Planning Groups:

UFV’s work on integrated strategic planning is directed by the following guiding principles:

  • honouring our commitment to the Fraser Valley;
  • building off of UFVs successes and strengths;
  • making use of and building from UFV’s Visioning process as well as the Vision 2025 process;
  • using our Mission, Vision, and Values as the foundation of our plan;
  • reflecting the future of higher education;
  • establishing no more than five overarching institutional goals;
  • providing a clear pathway for the future of UFV;
  • consulting with the UFV community and its key stakeholders throughout the Fraser Valley; and
  • engaging and supporting the UFV community in order to make the necessary changes to implement the strategic plan.

The work of integrated strategic planning is supported by the three groups:

  • Working Group: Assists Dr. Mandigo in developing the planning process as well as providing logistical support and advice in carrying out the consultation process.
  • Stakeholder Group: Discusses and deliberates the input from consultation and advises on strategies and goals that will be put forward for discussion by the Board of Governors.
  • Thought Leadership Group: Provides insight and advice on innovation in post-secondary education and the future possibilities for higher education in Canada and the world.

Phase three: Implementation (in progress)

Timeline: Winter 2021
Objective: Outline the specific actions that each faculty, unit and department will take, identify the resources required to be successful, and the measures we will follow.

During the third phase, UFV faculties and departments will do unit-level planning to align with our institutional goals and strategies. We will also do budget and resource planning to ensure that we can fulfill the commitments made in our integrated strategic plan.

Phase four: Monitoring

Timeline: Fall 2021 on
Objective: Track our progress and make any adjustments required to meet the challenges of our evolving environment.

This final phase continues through the life our integrated strategic plan, in which we track our progress and adjust our plans as required by our evolving situation.

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