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UFV department cards

Need to top-up your department card?

Department cards include departmental copy cards, residence laundry card, or guest housing cards. Top-ups are done internally using a budget transfer. To top-up your department card fill out the online form. Make sure to include the email of the person who has signing authority over the budget code you are submitting.

Department card top-up form

Need a specialty card?

The card office produces a variety of specialty cards from nametags, practicum placement badges, media passes, and more. If you have specialty cards and require additional copies, or have inquiries, fill out the online form. We'll contact you, answer questions, confirm production details, and provide a quote.

Specialty card request form

Looking for a gift idea?

There are times when your department may want to say thank you or offer a gift for a prize winner. To acknowledge an event you can load a student's card with Cascade Cash. The student can use their Campus Card to purchase on-campus food, print, or to buy something special in the Bookstore. Call the card office at local 6363 and ask us how.

Gift Cascade Cash: online form

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