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When they first encounter the subject known as physics, students might experience thoughts similar to Alice’s (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) as she pondered the meaning of the poem Jabberwocky. Alice commented, “It seems very pretty but, it’s rather hard to understand. Somehow it fills my head with ideas — only I don't exactly know what they are!”

Although the concepts studied in physics may, at times, be a little troublesome, the pleasure it gives can more than compensate for its difficulty. Physics is considered to be a difficult subject because it uses a specific language — mathematics — that does not lend itself to the expression of nebulous or imprecise thoughts.

It is this language that can ensure comprehension of the material studied. Since one can demonstrate proficiency in this subject, students can expect high grades if they are diligent.

The importance of physics in all of our lives cannot be over stressed. One thousand years from now, when one is asked to list the most important events of the 20th century, the discoveries of physics will top the list. To not include a little physics in your intellectual diet may leave you mentally undernourished.

If more applied science is what piques your interest, we also have some Engineering options.

What is Physics?

The Oxford Illustrated Dictionary defines physics as the "Science of the properties and nature of matter in general (excluding chemistry), the various forms of energy, and the mutual interaction of energy and matter".

Put more simply, physics uses experiments and mathematics to explain the physical universe.




Want to know more? Get involved with our Physics Student Association, the PSA!


The wide range of courses the UFV Physics Program offered allowed me to gain a wide knowledge base. The small class sizes facilitate a high level of interaction during the lectures and a natural collaboration between students. These aspects have honed my academic, research and team skills, preparing me well for graduate school. 

Meldon Deglint- 1st Year MSc Student, Simon Fraser University

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