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The study of science is really an impartial study of the natural world around us. It consists of posing questions in the form of experiments to try to gain an understanding as to how the Universe works. In the process of probing nature for her secrets, humans have had to become more and more clever as to how they pose such questions. It is no longer sufficient to simply drop cannonballs to measure the acceleration of gravity; indeed today’s experiments are at the very pinnacle of technology, and require specialized equipment from a multitude of disciplines to perform properly. Most of this equipment is designed and built by engineers. That is, those who apply the laws of physics and chemistry to not only further the process of discovery, but create the buildings, vehicles, and communications necessary for individuals themselves to perform at peak efficiency. Engineering is an applied science, and UFV currently offers two programs which allows students to enter this fascinating and important field.

Engineering Programs

UFV has two options in Engineering.

Engineering Transfer program

The first program is the Engineering Transfer program, and is designed for students interested in spending just one or two years at UFV, and then transferring to UBC, UVIC or other universities to complete a full degree in engineering.

Engineering Physics diploma in Mechatronics

The second program is a self-contained Diploma in Engineering Physics with a specialization in mechatronics, which can be completed right here at UFV. This can be a qualification with which students can enter the workplace immediately after graduation. Or they may choose to continue on to complete a full BSc degree majoring in Physics from UFV (we have had several students go on to graduate work in engineering having a BSc in physics from UFV). One additional option would be for students to transfer* to one of our neighboring institutions to complete a full undergraduate degree in engineering.

For more information on these programs, visit the Academic Calendar. Should you have any questions not answered in the associated pages, please contact either your advisor or the appropriate program contact.


The UFV Mechatronics program was the perfect way for me to gain the hands on skill necessary to handle the design and detail work necessary for engineering. The instructors of the program personally invested to encourage me in pushing myself to complete large projects and set ambitious goals, which prepared me for continuing into further education and research.

Josha Ho—1st Year MSc Student, University of Saskatchewan

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