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Update on NSERC's Research Portal and the Canadian Common CV

NSERC will launch its Research Portal and begin using the Canadian Common CV (CCV) in spring 2013. The Research Portal will be used to manage application and peer review processes, acceptance of awards, notification of results and reporting.

The transition to the Research Portal and the CCV will be phased in gradually (i.e., program by program) starting with the Notification of Intent for Discovery Grants (Individual and Team) and all the program elements for the Subatomic Physics Grants suite, followed by Collaborative Research and Development Grants. Details and dates will be communicated as we get closer to launching the Research Portal.

The NSERC CCV will be available in spring 2013. We strongly encourage the research community to start entering their data once the template is available as it can be time consuming to populate the fields the first time. Once data is entered, only updating is required, and it can be re-used for future applications to NSERC and/or other participating organizations. For these reasons, the CCV will lighten the load on the research community in the long run. For more information, including timelines and frequently asked questions on the CCV, please visit the Research Portal Resource Centre on NSERC's Web site.

All other funding opportunities will continue to use the current on-line system and the NSERC Personal Data Form (Form 100) until they are migrated to the Research Portal. All NSERC programs are expected to be integrated by late 2015. In the meantime, applicants to multiple programs will need to maintain and update both their NSERC Personal Data Form (Form 100) and NSERC CCV, given the gradual migration of programs to the Research Portal.

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), with whom NSERC shares all of its administrative services, including Information Technology services, recently completed its first competition using the Research Portal and the CCV with Insight Development Grants.

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IPS & IIS Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information

Canada’s three federal granting agencies—Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)—are now requiring that any applicant, co-applicant and College and Community Innovation Program participant on grant or scholarship applications consent to have some of their personal information disclosed in cases of serious breach of agency policy.

Therefore, a signed Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information form is now a requirement of all new IPS/IIS applications submitted to NSERC.  A link to the form can be found in the overview section on the IPS program page on our website.

For further information, see the Frequently Asked Questions about the Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information

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