Board of Governors Election
One student to serve on the UFV Board of Governors
Term August 1, 2017 to July 31, 2018

The call for one student to serve on the Board of Governors resulted in three nominations. An election is underway to vote in one of these three students for membership on the Board of Governors. The election campaign will run from March 14, 2017 to April 10, 2017. Voting will then take place from April 11 to April 14, 2017. Students will receive ballots for selecting the candidate of their choice. Be sure to vote!

Candidate Statements for Election for One Student Vacancy on the Board of Governors
Thanh Ma - Program of Study Bachelor of General Studies

After a year's term on Senate for 2016-17, I have been able to vocalize a student's perspective and share these opinions with the Senate members and the Senate Committee for Student Appeals. I feel as though this process has allowed me to grow, and has pushed me to grow even further; hence the desire to sit on the Board of Governors.

I am more than eager to apply for the student position as it will allow me to use my past experience with Senate and provide more valuable feedback. Not only so, but I am a committed student who is willing to express her opinion, especially in decisions and cases where student voices need to be heard.

I will happily fulfill my duties and be more than grateful to serve with the members of the Board of Governors.


Inderjot Virk - Program of Study BBA Degree

Since the Board of Governors has matters that cover the business side of the University, primarily revenue and property, I decided to discuss the topic of revenue allocation. All universities have to make decisions on where they allocate most of their revenue as there are limited funds. As a student, I believe that adding funds or making more programs with the Co-Operative Education Centre will be a worthwhile investment for UFV. It is particularly important to obtain work experience while obtaining a degree so students get the opportunity to see if they enjoy the field before completing their degree, and it will help students find that first job after university.

My interests for the Board of Governors include being able to apply my knowledge and expertise for the UFV Board to make correct decisions regarding revenue and property by including my thoughts and experience I have gained throughout the years.\


Pawan Mahanth Pandey - Program of Study Computer Information System

Governing is to conduct the policy, action, and affairs of an institution and I have an urge to do this kind of work, or it can be said as being a member or working for the betterment of the institution, society is my motto. My first service was working for an NGO and the first day I worked was the happiest day for me, I felt so happy which I have never felt earlier and that developed an urge to do something good for the peoples. UFV Board of Governors governs the management, administration and control of the property and the business of the university, which indirectly serves the students by giving them best facilities and a good environment for their studies which leads them to be responsible members of society, this is one of the ways for serving people. Serving as a department representative for my college back at my place helped to build managing skills and I was the bridge between the students and the faculty, wherein I used to coordinate the problem of the student to the teachers and department head to provide them with a better facility for their studies. This also helped to learn about the different aspects of teachers and students. As it is rightly said by Abraham Lincoln, "No man is good enough to govern another man without the others' consent" and, being a follower of this, I believe I need your trust and consent to do this. Lastly I would request you all to select a deserving candidate, whom you all think could be the best for this Board.


Senate Results

4 Students One-Year Term August 1, 2017 to July 31, 2018
Elected members:

  • Ekanki Chawla
  • Sahil Chawla
  • Ashmeet Saran
  • Dildar Virdi

By-Election - Faculty Member for Faculty of Humanities
Remainder of Term to Juy 31, 2018

Elected member:

  • Raymond Welch


Board of Govenors Results

2 Student Members - One-Year Term July 31, 2017 to August 1, 2018
Elected members:

  • Andrew Stahl
  • Election underway for 2nd student


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