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Policies related to Standards of Conduct for UFV employees.

Policy categories

Academic and Students

Administration and Operations

Financial Management


Human Resources

Information Management and Technology


University Relations

Academic and Students
BRP-235.03 Academic Excellence Awards, Board Policy on
BRP-201.01 Academic Freedom, Board Policy on
189 Academic Program Reviews
224 Academic Renewal
93 Accommodation of Students with Disabilities
80 Admission
20  Approval of Graduands
62 Attendance
108 Course Audit
105 Course Credits
63 Course Load
86 Course Repeat
81 Course Withdrawal
64 Credentials
Credentials - Effective Fall 2017
208 Emeritus Designation
99 English Language Proficiency Requirement
60 External Program Advisory Committees
57 Field Placement
56 Field Trips
217 Final Grade Appeals
109 Grade Reporting
101 Grading System 
209 Graduate Course and Program Approval
221 Honorary Doctorate Degrees
46 Instructional Responsibilities
95 Order of Registration
199 Posthumous Credentials
84 Prerequisites and Co-Requisites
94 Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) 
222 Program Discontinuance
85 Reserved Seats
70 Student Academic Misconduct
76 Student Awards
204 Student Non-Academic Conduct
‌‌73 Student Residence Code of Conduct
59 Study Tour
98 Subsequent and Concurrent Bachelor Degree
107 Transfer Credit
92 Undergraduate Continuance
21 Undergraduate Course and Program Approval
207 Undergraduate Directed Studies, Special Topics & Independent Study Courses


Administration and Operations
BRP-200.03 Academic and Corporate Seals and Coat of Arms, Board Policy on 
4 Art Acquisition and Exhibition
233 Closed Circuit Television
BRP-200.04 Controlled Entities, Board Policy on
50 International Education Activities
BRP-215.02 Naming of Buildings, Spaces and Facilities, Board Policy on
BRP-220.02 Off-Campus Activity and Travel, Board Policy on
15 Selling, Serving, and Advertising Liquor
229 Smoking
220 Space Management
BRP-230.01 Student Union Society, Board Policy on the
232 Threat Assessment and Management
132 Use of University Space


Financial Management
122 Accounting Procedures & Surplus Distribution, Contract Services
124 Annual Budget (Guidelines and Process)
119 Budget Adjustment Authority
BRP-205.05 Budget Process and Approval, Board Policy on
121 Budget Review
123 Budget Transfer
117 Facsimile Signatures
BRP-215.01 Investment Policy of the Board
130 Purchasing and Competitive Bidding
BRP-205.02 Signing Authority, Board Policy on
116 Signing Authority - Banking
200 Signing Authority - Responsibilities
196 Spending Authority
235 Travel Approval, Booking, and Reimbursement
BRP-205.01 Tuition and Other Fees, Board Policy on
227 Tuition and Other Fees
111 Tuition Fees, University Personnel


BRP-225.05 Acting President, Board Policy on
BRP-225.01 Chancellor, Board Policy on the
BRP-235.04 Delegation of Authority on Academic Matters, Board Policy on
BRP-225.02 Delegation of Authority on Human Resource Development & Management Matters, Board Policy on
BRP-200.02 Development and Review of Administrative Policies, Board Policy on
BRP-200.05 Fulfilling Our Commitment to Aboriginal Peoples
22 UFV Statement on Institutional Ethics


Human Resources
197 Adjunct Faculty, Research Associates and Visiting Scholars
143 Appointment, Promotion, Suspension & Termination
142 Conflict of Interest
18 Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment Prevention
16 Educational and Employment Equity
BRP-225.04 Employee Contract Negotiations and Management, Board Policy on
139 Employee Exchange
49 Faculty Overload and Outside Employment
52 Faculty Qualifications
BRP-201.02 Harassment, Discrimination and Physical or Emotional Abuse Prevention and Resolution, Board Policy on
219 Occupational Health & Safety
BRP-220.01 Safe Disclosure, Board Policy on
223 Safe Disclosure
BRP-225.06 Service Excellence Awards, Board Policy on
146 Vacations
231 Voluntary Resignation
218 Workplace Violence Prevention


Information Management and Technology
14 Appropriate Use of Computing and Network Resources
7 Copyright Compliance
55 Intellectual Property
72 Library Collection
47 Role of the UFV Library


51 Animal Care
54 Human Research Ethics
211 Research Centres and Institutes
53 Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarship
225 Research Overhead Cost Recovery


University Relations
BRP-250.01 Betty Urquhart Community Service Award, Board Policy on
45 Community Relations and Development Department Mandate for Marketing and Communications
3 Donations
153 Donor and Gift Anonymity
152 Fundraising Priority Setting and Approval
228 Gift Acceptance
234 Sponsorship


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