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Applied Business Technology



What made you decide to take the ABT program?
The ABT program was recommended to me by an advisor at UFV when I explained that I was looking to make a career pivot.

What was your favourite thing about the program?
My favourite thing about the program is the flexible scheduling, phenomenal faculty, and my supportive/engaged classmates.

How was your experience with online learning?
Online learning was perfect for me as I needed the flexibility. Having recorded lectures allowed me to catch up easily or to refresh my memory. You will feel a little disconnected or distant because of the lack of face-to-face interaction, but the ABT instructors make up for that whenever you have a one-on-one interaction with them. There are also plenty of opportunities to connect with your cohort through group projects, which alleviates any potential feelings of isolation while taking the program.

What advice would you give to other students that are about to do online courses for the first time?
Invest in faster internet and a good audio setup! Trying to have an online conversation when connection or audio quality is poor will take away from an already limited communication experience. Also, be proactive in your communication with your instructors and peers. It is far too easy to become disconnected from your coursework and the learning experience; asking questions or checking in on others will keep you engaged and on track to finishing the program strong.

  • – Joon Rho
  •    ABT Graduate

I graduated from UFV in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts, so when I decided to pivot careers last year, I knew that I would check out what UFV offered in terms of continuing education. From my research, I could tell ABT offered a vast amount of knowledge in a relatively short period of time, which was attractive being as I wanted to start my new career as soon as I could.

Little did I know, ABT ended up being so much more than the knowledge I acquired from my courses. I had never experienced a cohort program before, and I have to say it was one of my favourite parts of the program. The cohort allowed me to learn so much from my peers and learn a lot about myself.

Even though my cohort was completely online, I feel as though I got to know everyone, peers and instructors alike. The instructors had fantastic availability, and having access to lecture recordings allowed me to go back if I was confused about something. I was nervous at first to take a program completely online, but the instructors made it easy and enjoyable!

Something that I would recommend if you are going to take a class or do a program online is set up a schoolwork space and a schoolwork time. This allowed me stay motivated and not get sidetracked.

I cannot recommend the ABT program enough; taking the program was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I have made lifelong friends and connections in the process.

  • – Morgan Dionne
  •    ABT Graduate

Photo of Kristy Hahn for testimonialI have nothing but praise for the Applied Business Technology program! My instructors were amazing as they were always available for both academic help and personal support. The transition into the professional field was seamless due to the knowledge gained and the skills developed during the course. Guest speakers helped me gain a beneficial insight into the career before me and also became valued professional contacts. I highly recommend the ABT program to anyone who is wanting to obtain an administrative professional role in their careers.

  • – Kristy Hahn
  •    ABT Graduate

Teddie WoskThe Applied Business Technology Program has been hugely beneficial to me. The instructors are amazing and made the program enjoyable even through the stressful times. I would and will recommend ABT to all who ask about the program. Without ABT I would not have landed the school district position that I currently hold.

  • – Teddie Wosk
  •    ABT Graduate

 Taking the Applied Business Technology (ABT) program was the best decision I ever made. When I first heard about the program I was working in retail, but what I really wanted was a job in an office environment. I knew that in order to get my dream job, I would have to upgrade my skills and go back to school.

My experience taking the ABT program was incredibly positive. The instructors were so supportive, knowledgeable, and they really cared for all of their students. Another great thing about ABT was the opportunity to make friends with the amazing people in my class. Through lots of laughter (and sometimes tears), we all made it through together as a team. Although the learning curve was steep at first, and although the volume of homework was overwhelming at times, I was so proud of myself when I finished because I proved to myself that I was capable of so much more than I thought.

Since completing the program, I have gotten a job at UFV and I couldn't be happier. I would absolutely recommend this program to others who may want to expand their skillset and/or who may want a career as an administrative professional. My advice to others would be to be to pursue your goals, even if that means being brave and stepping out of your comfort zone. You never know what you're capable of until you try!

  • – Melissa Naman
  •    ABT Graduate

Being a student in the ABT program, I found the faculty to be supportive, responsive, and fun. The instructors care about your success, offering many real-world examples to reinforce what you are learning. The variety of concepts learned keeps you interested and the intensity of the program rewards you with tremendous knowledge and confidence. Having completed the program, I feel that I have received a unique experience, made some friends, and have solid expertise to offer employers.

  • – Michael
  •    ABT Graduate

Taking the ABT program was an amazing experience! Now that I have graduated, I can choose any career path I want, as the ABT program was full of such transferable skills, they will be used anywhere I go. I am stunned at how much my life has changed in six months.

  • – Jessica
  •    ABT Graduate

The ABT program exceeded all of my expectations. The instructors were nothing but amazing. They encouraged me and wanted to see me succeed in all of the courses. They gave me the tools that I needed and the confidence to go after the job I always wanted, which I did get. If it wasn't for these instructors I would not be where I am today. Whenever I speak of this program, I always speak very highly of it and would recommend it to any one, no matter what age. 

  • – Cassandra
  •    ABT Graduate

MNP currently has three ABT grads on staff in our Abbotsford office. We recently promoted one ABT grad and hired another ABT grad into her previous position. The third grad (who is very well established in our US International Tax group) has been with us for four years.

All three have made a very positive impression and are excellent representatives of graduates from the ABT program. Their technical skills are impressive, and they surpass expectations with the quality of work they produce. They continually demonstrate the value of the ABT program.

  • – Joan Wild
  •    Regional Human Capital Advisor, MNP

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