Final Grade Appeal

As a student you have the right to appeal decisions and practices that affect your academic standing, according to the Final Grade Appeals policy (217). If you disagree with your final grade assigned in a particular course and have grounds for appeal, you may file a formal appeal. Grounds for appealing a final grade include:

  • A significant error in the assessment, evaluation, determination and/or calculation of the final grade
  • A significant error in the assessment, evaluation, determination and/or calculation of individual components of the course
  • Credible claims of instructor bias or discrimination
  • Failure by the instructor to follow the evaluation profile, grade assignment, and operational details as stated in the course syllabus
  • Extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control that affected the student’s academic performance or made it impossible for the student to write the final test or exam as scheduled, or to complete an item of work. Students will be expected to provide evidence to support a claim for extenuating circumstances.

Note: You may not appeal individual items of work such as examinations, quizzes, projects, assignments, practicums, or field work assessments except in the context of an appeal of the final grade.

Complaints related to general instructor performance rather that a specific grade may be referred to the Dean of the Faculty. 

If you believe you have one or more grounds for a final grade appeal, refer to the procedures below.

Before submitting your appeal

Before submitting an appeal, do the following:


Review the policy

Carefully review the Final Grade Appeals policy (217), particularly the grounds for appeal, procedure, and timeline. Your appeal must fit within one or more of the five grounds, and you must provide material evidence to show how an inappropriate final grade has been assigned.


Consult with your instructor

Discuss the matter with your instructor, as stated in point 1.1.1 of the Final Grade Appeals Policy (217). If, after discussion, the instructor wishes to change your grade due to a clerical or administrative error, or any other reason, the instructor may do so, according to Policy 109. If, after discussion, you wish to appeal the decision of the instructor, continue to the next section.

Preparing your appeal

If you were not able to come to a resolution with your instructor and believe you have material evidence to support a formal appeal, refer to the steps below:


Write your appeal

Complete the Final Grade Appeal (student form), clearly and concisely stating your reasons for appeal and referring to one or more of the five grounds listed above and on page two of the Final Grade Appeals policy (217).


Gather supporting documents

Gather supporting documents, such as related assignments, course outlines, or correspondence, to demonstrate how an inappropriate grade has been assigned. Include these in your submission.


Submit your appeal on time

The final grade appeal and supporting documents must be submitted within 14 working days from the day you had access to the assigned final grade. The deadline may be extended by a few days when there are extenuating circumstances, but this is very rare and fairness to both sides is considered.

Submit your appeal and supporting documents via UFV email to, or in-person to the Office of the Registrar at any UFV campus. 

Note: If you fail to meet a deadline or fail to appear at any meetings scheduled throughout the appeal process, it will be assumed that you have withdrawn your appeal and the dispute will be considered resolved.

Receiving a response

Once the Office of the Registrar receives your complete appeal package, they screen your appeal to determine if it falls within the scope of the Final Grade Appeals policy (217).

If it does not fall within the scope of the policy, or if additional information is required, the Office of the Registrar will inform you.

If the appeal proceeds, the instructor has 14 working days from receipt of the final grade appeal to send a written response to the Office of the Registrar. The office then provides all appeal information to the dean or faculty designate, in which the course is taught.

Within 7 working days of receiving the appeal and supporting documents, the dean may arrange a resolution meeting with you and/or the instructor. The matter may be resolved with or without change to the final grade. You will receive a letter confirming the resolution.

Appealing the decision

After the ruling, you may appeal the decision, but only on the basis of alleged unfairness or bias in the process of the final grade appeal. This appeal is heard by the Senate Committee for Student Appeals. Refer to the ‌Final Grade Appeals policy (217) for further steps. 

Note: Where there is a perceived difference between the meaning or intent of the steps found on our website and the Final Grade Appeals policy, the wording of the Final Grade Appeals policy will apply.

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