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 Carin Bondar

Carin Bondar

Instructor - Sessional


Abbotsford campus

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Dr. Carin Bondar is a biologist, author and philosopher. Her work focuses on increasing science literacy and communication. Recently elected to the Chilliwack School Board, Bondar is an advocate for STEM education and for keeping girls in STEM subjects through high school. Bondar is author of the books Wild Sex and Wild Moms (Pegasus, New York), she is writer and host of the online series based on her books, which have garnered over 150,000,000 views. Bondar’s work appears on National Geographic, Discovery Worldwide, TED, Animal Planet, Netflix and The Science Channel. She is an adventurer and explorer, having discovered 7 new species of beetles and snails in the remote jungles of Borneo with her research team from the Netherlands (Leiden) and Italy (Verona). Bondar lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia with her four children, three dogs and one cat.  

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