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Research in Science

Not many universities provide you with an opportunity to be involved in research at the undergraduate level. At UFV, not only do we encourage our faculty to incorporate research in their teaching, but we also support our students to conduct research and share their findings.

James Bedard

Genomics and Drosophila Research: Annotation of Genes and Other Features in Genomic DNA

From 2008-2012 I was Assistant Professor of Biology at Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado, USA, where I began getting involved in providing research opportunities for undergraduate students through the Genomics Education Partnership (GEP). The GEP is a collaboration of faculty from primarily undergraduate institutions and Washington University in St. Louis that is designed to allow students to participate in genomics and bioinformatics research. Here at UFV, my students perform gene annotation in various species of Drosophila, and have presented their findings at regional and international conferences. Further information about the GEP may be found at http://gep.wustl.edu/.

Pat Harrison

The Effect of Air Pollution on Lichens
What are the effects or possible effects of pollution generated in Delta/Richmond/Abbotsford on pollution sensitive organisms such as lichens?

The Ecological Diversity and Abundance of Fleshy Fungi on the Abbotsford Campus
What species of basidiomycetes occur on the Abbotsford campus and how abundant are these species?

Lee Lab

Dr. Lucy Lee, Dean of the Faculty of Science, and her students are conducting research on the development and use of fish cell lines as integrative tools for research in basic science, ecotoxicology and aquaculture. Learn more about Lee Lab

Alan Reid

Sensitivity of Net Blotch of Barley to the Organic Fungicide Serenade
Supervised student: Gursimran Gidda, Biol 409. Investigating organic fungicide LD50 in barley diseases.

Identification of Antioxidant Profiles in Goji Berry Cultivars
Supervised student:  Michael Moreton , Biol 409. 

The Relationship Between Pinus Contorta and Pinus Latifolia
Supervised student: Ariel Brown Bio 499.

The Identification of Air Pollutants Using Lichens as Indicators
Supervised student: Ashley Denis Bio 409.

A Fungal Investigation of Ecological Conditions on UFV Campus
Supervised student: Marlena McCabe, Biol 409. 

Can a Rust Fungus Really Be Grown in Culture? Investigations into Poplar and Pear Rust Fungi
Supervised student: Vishesh Oberoi, Biol 409. 

Greg Schmaltz

Foraging Behaviour in Birds

When birds flock in large groups, each individual is able to eat more food. This may be a consequence of devoting more time to feeding (safer in large groups) or because of increased perceived competition (more birds, food will run out quicker).  Our research group (myself and 2-4 students each year) are investigating the importance of these two variables on bird behaviour.

Physiological and Psychological Stress in Students

In the lab, we are estimating physiological stress levels in students with salivary cortisol assays.  Used along surveys to measure emotional stress, these types of data help us better understand the causal relationships between immunity, psychological and physiological stress.

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