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Program Planning

This is a two-year diploma program in Engineering Physics, specializing in Mechatronics.

The program is 67 credits, designed for students to go either directly to the workplace or to ladder to a UFV Bachelor of Science degree with a Physics major. Those completing the diploma may also be eligible to transfer to an engineering degree at another institution.


 Engineering Physics Diploma in Mechatronics - Course Plan

First Year - Fall Semester
ENGR 123 Engineering Design 1: Design and Drafting 4            
ENGR 153 Structured Programming for Engineers 4
MATH 111 Calculus 1 4
PHYS 111 Mechanics 5


First Year - Winter Semester
ENGR 113 Engineering Physics: Statics and Dynamics 4              
ENGR 124 Engineering Design 2: Design and Sustainability 4
MATH 112 Calculus 2 4
PHYS 112    Electricity and Magnetism 5


Second Year - Fall Semester
ENGR 100 Production in Practice 1
ENGR 210 Circuit Analysis 5
ENPH 320 Fundamental of Digital Logic and Design 4
MATH 211 Calculus 3 3
PHYS 221 Intermediate Mechanics 4


Second Year - Winter Semester
ENPH 310 Microelectronics 5
ENPH 340 Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems                               4                   
ENPH 390 Mechatronics 4
PHYS 232 or Experimental Methods in Physics 3
PHYS/MATH 381 Mathematical Physics  
Head shot for student reviews

The UFV Mechatronics program was the perfect way for me to gain the hands on skill necessary to handle the design and detail work necessary for engineering. The instructors of the program personally invested to encourage me in pushing myself to complete large projects and set ambitious goals, which prepared me for continuing into further education and research.

Josha Ho—1st Year MSc Student, University of Saskatchewan

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