Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning

Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning

Applications for Fall 2019 are now being accepted. Contact adulted@ufv.ca for more information.


Graduate certificate


Online, Part time

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: Abbotsford/Online

Domestic: $5,000 International: $7,500  


  • Accessible online/blended courses with some face-to-face evenings/weekend sessions
  • Distance learners participate in the face-to-face sessions through video conferencing


This innovative graduate certificate offers students a comprehensive professional education to become mindfulness specialists in a range of industries, including but not limited to: adult and continuing education, PK-12 teaching, workplace training, health care, post-secondary teaching, social work, criminal justice and more. Course topics examine the mindfulness through the perspectives from Buddhism and Asian traditions to secular-scientific research. You will learn a cross-cultural, inter-disciplinary and inter-professional applications in an intensive teaching course completed in a residential retreat format and in an applied field experience. 

MBTL program faculty are accredited mindfulness trainers qualified to supervise students in a range of specialist credentials, including Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). Students who wish to earn these certificates as part of the graduate certificate will be offerd a pathway to do so. All students will be supported to complete inquiry projects and field experiences within the professional and teaching contexts in which they wish to serve. 

MBTL 700 Introduction to Mindfulness: Research, Theory, and Practice
MBTL 708 Mindfulness-based Teaching, Learning and Leading
MBTL 710 Mindfulness Practice
MBTL 721 Mindfulness in Research and Practice



Becoming a Mindfulness Specialist

For practicing professionals, the Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning (MBTL) graduate certificate entables you to study and learn as you work. Whether you are employed in education, health care, criminal justice, social work, or yoga, the program prepares you to serve as a professional leader while deepening your own mindfulness practice and knowledge.

Increasingly, positions are being created for mindfulness specialists as this is being identified as a highly desireable specialization. For longstanding mindfulness practitioners and yoga instructors, MBTL provides an opportunity to bring what you have learned to a wider audience. You will investigate a range of specific techniques that have proved most effective for teaching mindfulness, including leading mindfulness practices and conducting inquiry, and strategies to support learners to use mindfulness as a strategy to enhance wellbeing and lifelong learning.

You will have choices on assignments and special projects to allow you to follow your particular interests and professional contexts. As part of this MBTL cohort, you will become part of an emerging North American network of mindfulness specialists. 


  1. Completion of a baccalaureate degree from a recognized institution with a minimum GPA of 3.00. Relevant majors include, but are not limited to, Adult Education, Business and Human Resources Management, Teacher Education, Social Work, Criminology, Indigenous Studies, Psychology, Child-Youth-and-Family Studies, Counselling Psychology, Kinesiology, and Nursing.

  2. A short resume (maximum two pages) and a letter of intent (maximum one page or 500 words) that includes evidence or details of the applicant's experience with the following, including the name of the organization, teacher, or supervisor where applicable. Please highlight these areas so they are easy to identify:
    • Teaching, facilitating, or leading groups in an employment or voluntary capacity
    • Information concerning any 8-week mindfulness-based program* you've completed, inclluding academic and non-academic courses at UFV, such as ADED 421, 422, 423 or CYC 275 or MBSR courses offered through Continuing Education
    • and/or other experiences with mindfulness. Please specify if you have a daily practice and if you've completed any silent meditation retreats*.
  3. Three letters of reference (optimally a mix of academic, professional and practice references).

  4. Applicants must meet the Degree/diploma level English language proficiency requirement. For details on how this requirement may be met, see the English language proficiency requirement section of the calendar.

Note: Completion of an eight-week mindfulness program and a silent retreat are pre-requisites for the final course, MBTL 710, which will be offered in the Summer semester.

Application documents (Statement/Letter of Intent, resume, letters of reference) are to be sent to admissions@ufv.ca  

Note: Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) (aka Competency-Based alternative) options are available for people without degrees and with relevant experience. Contact the program advisor at adulted@ufv.ca 

Note: A prerequisite for MBTL 710 is an 8-week MBSR, MBCT or other MB1 mindfulness program and a five-day silent retreat (or equivalent). Those who do not have this at the time of entering the program will be able to do these requirements concurrently with the MBTL. Once the MBSR or MBCT or course equivalent (listed below) and 5-day silent retreat are complete, students will submit evidence or details to the department.

Students who require the eight-week MBSR or MBCT prerequisite may consider ONE of the following undergraduate courses ADED 421, ADED 422, ADED 423 or CYC 275 as course equivalents: ADED undergraduate courses

A 2019 5-day silent retreat will be offered through UFV on June 24th - 28th, 2019.

Location: Loon Lake Lodge, Maple Ridge, BC 

Cost: $800 ($200 deposit) with a balance of $600 to be paid by June 19th, 2019. Space is limited.

Event purchase: http://ufv.bookware3000.ca/Catalogue/events-tickets/5-day-mindfulness-silent-retreat


This program is open to domestic and international students.
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International students:


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