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Peace and Conflict Studies

Peace and Conflict Studies

Territorial acknowledgement

The Peace and Conflict Studies Department is situated on Stó:lō Téméxw, the traditional and ancestral territory of the Stó:lō peoples that they have stewarded since time began. We express our gratitude and respect for the honour of serving, studying, working, and living on these beautiful lands.

Embark on a journey that explores the depths of human interaction, diplomacy, and social transformation.

In a world marked by ever-evolving challenges, understanding the dynamics of peace and conflict is not just a choice; it’s a necessity. At the heart of societal progress, change, and the pursuit of a better future, lies the profound field of Peace and Conflict Studies.

Housed in the School of Social Justice and Global Stewardship (SoJust), the Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) department goes beyond academics. Our dedication to peace isn’t just theoretical; it’s a genuine commitment to making a positive impact. We’re dedicated to nurturing inquisitive minds and empowering them with the tools to effect meaningful change in the world.

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Why Peace and Conflict Studies?


Interdisciplinary approach

By examining conflicts from various angles, you can develop innovative solutions and contribute to creating more stable and harmonious societies on a global scale.


Career opportunities

Peace and Conflict Studies provides essential skills for dialogue, dispute resolution, and fostering understanding. These skills are invaluable in diplomacy, humanitarian work, social justice advocacy, and sought after in fields like law, business, and public administration.


Be a catalyst for positive change

Studying Peace and Conflict empowers you to advocate for marginalized communities, addressing issues like inequality and discrimination, and fostering a fairer, more equitable society.