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For all course descriptions, please see the Academic Calendar.

Please note that all upcoming courses are subject to change.

Upcoming Physics Courses
Fall 2023 Winter 2024

ASTR 101

ASTR 101

ASTR 103 ASTR 103
PHYS 101 PHYS 105
PHYS 105 PHYS 111
PHYS 111 PHYS 112
PHYS 221^ PHYS 225^
PHYS 231^ PHYS 232^
PHYS 351^ PHYS 381^
Upper-level Upper-level
PHYS 311^ PHYS 325 
PHYS 312^
PHYS 393 PHYS 451

^ = highly recommended for graduate school, as well as requirement (or elective) for Engineering Physics Diploma - check Calendar.
* = 3XX (or 4XX) course choices based on poll results from students in the previous year.
*^ = one of PHYS (321, 325, 393, 402, 455, 481) - but not the same as the year before.

Upcoming Engineering and Engineering Transfer Courses
Fall 2023 Winter 2024
ENGR 123

ENGR 113       

ENGR 153 ENGR 115
  ENGR 124
           ENGR 152/MATH 152
2nd Year 2nd Year
 see also Physics Electives


Starting as early as Fall of 2020, the Engineering courses offered may change due to two factors.  The first is a provincial effort to develop a common core of first-year courses that would allow transfer to any Engineering program across British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.  The second is a UFV effort to become one of those Engineering programs and add an Engineering degree to our existing Engineering Physics diploma.

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