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Why Physics?

Reasons to Study Physics:

  • It teaches you how to problem solve: Whether you are an engineer, teacher, chef or parent, problems arise and the people best equipped to deal with them are those who can think outside the box. Physics provides the tools to minimize and solve problems.
  • It helps you understand the world around you:  Most scientific discoveries are fueled by curiosity; physics satiates a curious mind by helping us answer our childhood questions such as: Why is the sky blue? Why does the ocean have tides?  Why do rainbows appear?
  • It is employable: Physicists are not only found in research labs and universities. They contribute to many fields such as Medicine, Law, Finance, Journalism and Computer Science. Employers value their confidence in mathematics and ability to problem solve.
  • It has unlimited potential: Physicists recognize that the more you know,  the more you realize how much there is left to discover.
  • It is fun! Where else can you play with lasers, prisms and Van de Graaff generators? 

These are just a few of the many reasons to enter the fascinating world of Physics! 

Why Study Physics at UFV?

  • Small class sizes: Most first-year Physics courses are capped at 36 students while second year and upper division classes are capped at 24 or less.
  • Dedicated instructors: UFV Physics instructors are devoted to teaching and research in their field and many provide academic and career advice to help students succeed in and out of the classroom.
  • Promotes professional development: UFV Physics students are given the opportunity to develop their presentation and communication skills through group presentations and lectures.
  • Fosters a learning community: Students are encouraged to share their interests, knowledge, and experience resulting in an academically stimulating environment. 
  • Provides practical application: UFV’s Physics curriculum integrates classroom theory with in-class demonstrations and laboratory experiments.

If these do not convince you, check out reviews from some of our graduates.


‌Image: Physics Graduates 2016

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