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Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

Learning Outcomes and Learning Demonstration Statements

Learning Outcomes

Since you will be given credit for the learning you have acquired through your experience, you will need to be able to measure this learning against a course or set of courses that UFV offers. How does this work?

Every course outline at UFV contains a section called Learning Outcomes. A learning outcome is a specific and measurable statement written to describe knowledge and skills that students will have achieved at the end of a course or program. It is the way we as teachers can be sure our students have learned what we intended they would learn in our course.

Learning Demonstration Statements

You have now looked at the learning outcomes for a course or program and have said to yourself, "I can do that!" Learning demonstration statements can help organize your learning in your request to be approved to pursue PLAR and to describe physical or electronic evidence of learning that relates to course or program learning outcomes.

You can see Tips on Learning Statements for more information.

Please use this list of verbs to develop learning statements that best reflect your skills, knowledge and abilities.


Examples of evidence that can show faculty you meet the learning outcomes in the eligibility phase and/or formal assessment phase of PLAR.


ADED Learning Statements and Evidence to see how PLAR criteria, learning statements and evidence of learning can be connected.

ENGL 105 eligibility document to see student learning statements with the name and explanation of evidence in relation to learning statements and course learning outcomes.


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