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Customized Training for Organizations

Leadership and management

Human Resources Management

  • (HRM01) Strategic Human Resources Management
  • (HRM02) Increasing Employee Engagement
  • (HRM03) Hiring for Performance
  • (HRM04) Managing Employee Performance
  • (HRM05) Employee Development & Training
  • (HRM06) HR Policies and Procedures
  • (HRM07) Handling HR Issues
  • (HRM08) Understanding Leadership
  • (HRM09) Employee Rewards
  • (HRM10) Introduction to Labour Relations
  • (HRM11) BC Employment Law
  • (HRM12) Workplace Health & Safety
  • (HRM13) Designing Employee Orientation
  • (HRM14) Measuring HR's Impact

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Management Skills courses

  • (MSS01) Management Foundation
  • (MSS02) Management and Communication
  • (MSS07) Customer Service Excellence
  • (MSS12) Presentation Skills
  • (MSS15) Management and Team Building
  • (MSS16) Delegating, Motivating, and Giving Feedback
  • (MSS17) Leadership & Managing Change
  • (MSS18) Writing in the Workplace
  • (MSS19) Marketing & Branding Your Business
  • (MSS20) Management and Conflict Resolution
  • (MSS21) Management and Administrative Skills
  • (MSS24) Time and Stress Management
  • (MSS25) Leadership Skills Inventory
  • Evidence-Based Decision Making

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Public Relations courses

  • (PR01) Fundamentals of Public Relations
  • (PR02) Social Media & Digital Citizenship
  • (PR03) Public Speaking
  • (PR04) Skills for Interviews
  • (PR05) Writing for the Internet
  • (PR06) Influencing your Public Image
  • (PR07) Persuasive Messaging
  • (PR08) Visual Communications
  • (PR09) Copyright and Legal Issues
  • (PR10) Building a Media Kit
  • (PR11) Employment Messaging
  • (PR12) Marketing 21st Century Style

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Records Management courses

  • (RM01) Fundamentals of Records Management
  • (RM02) Records Classification
  • (RM03) Record Management Systems
  • (RM04) Digital Age Literacy
  • (RM05) Databases: Access
  • (RM06) Spreadsheets: Excel
  • (RM07) Word-Processing: Word
  • (RM08) Business Communications

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