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About UFV

Campus closing/severe weather notice

Information for UFV students & employees:

UFV will close due to severe weather conditions if:

  • Our buildings become unsafe (e.g. extended power outages, water damage, roof stress, etc.)
  • It becomes impossible to maintain safe parking lots, sidewalks, or roads on campus
  • There are road advisories or closures on the main highways between our three major campuses.

UFV remains open under normal winter conditions; this may require extra caution by students and employees travelling to and within campuses.

Updates will be posted to the home page, to the myUFV home page, and to the main telephone line at 1-888-504-7441. In addition, closure information is posted to the UFV Twitter (@goufv) and Facebook pages and provided to local radio and television stations.

In the event of severe weather, the following scenarios may occur:

  1. Total closure of all campuses and regional centres, and cancellation of all classes.
  2. Cancellation of all classes at one or more campuses but the campus will remain open for those who can travel safely.
  3. Closure of one campus only and classes cancelled on that campus only. The other campuses may remain open with classes there proceeding as scheduled.

Severe weather procedures for UFV employees

If classes are cancelled but a campus is declared “open”, employees should use their own discretion about whether or not they can travel safely.

If a faculty member is unable to travel to teach a class due to weather conditions, he/she should notify:

  1. their dean and department assistant
  2. their class, using their usual methods of communication

If a campus is declared “open” but a staff member is unable to get to the campus, the employee must make direct contact with his/her supervisor, and make arrangements for how this time will be made up.

Faculty or staff members should not contact the media directly regarding class cancellations. All media contact will be conducted by Community Engagement.