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Adult Education

Program outline

The program consists of four core courses and one elective course. If you have met the entrance requirements for the program you will be deemed to have met the prerequisites needed for the core courses and selected elective courses.

Core courses (12 credits) - All core courses are available online

ADED 325 Teaching Adults 3
ADED 408 Assessing Adult Learning 3
ADED 415 Facilitating e-Learning 3
ADED 425 Curriculum Design for Adults 3


Elective courses (3 credits)

Prerequisite met with entrance requirements

ADED 215 Foundations of e-Learning 3
ADED 320 Adult Learning 3
ADED 340 Program Planning & Evaluation 3
ADED 365 Adult Education in Canada: Indigenous Peoples 3
ADED 380 Educational Technologies 3
GD 157 Digital Design Media 1* 3
GD 159 Digital Design Media 2* 3
TESL 400 Foundations of Second Language Education 3

Note: Courses not available online are marked with an *.


Require additional prerequisites beyond entrance requirements

ADED 435 Facilitating Adult Learning  3
BUS 416 Training and Development*  3
CIS 145 Web Publishing*  3
CMNS 376 Understanding Design for Digital Publications*  3
CMNS 390 Designing User-friendly Guides, Manuals and Instructions*  3
CMNS 445 Facilitation Skills for the Workplace*
(students cannot take both CMNS 445 & ADED 435)
CMNS 340 Storytelling for Workplace Application*  3
GD 202 Interactive Design I*  3
GD 204 Interactive Design II*  3
GD 260 Graphic and Digital Design*  3
GD 281 Applied Photography and Video*  3
GD 303 Dynamic Media II: Storytelling*  3
GD 317 Graphic and Digital Design II*  3
MEDA 469 Design Thinking for Creative Leadership  3
TESL 410 Teaching a Second Language  3

Note: Courses not available online are marked with an *.

While many are still adapting to online learning, Adult Education at UFV has been leading the way! I’ve taken online courses from other institutions, and UFV’s dedication to technologies made for my best overall online learning experience. The most important thing about my experience at UFV is the feeling that I mattered to the school and my instructors. I wasn’t just a faceless student, even in an online environment. 

  • – Lynn Cartan
  •    Educational Consultant, McMaster University
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