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Explore your program options


You've decided to attend graduate school or to pursue a professional program, now what?

Deciding to go to graduate school or to enter a professional program is a major life decision. Now that you have decided that this is the right path for you, it's time to look at the next steps.

Explore your program options

Start researching your grad school options early.

Preparation timeline

Review suggested timeline for applying to graduate school

Application process

Begin to familiarize yourself with the admission requirements for your chosen program.

Fund your graduate studies

There is a variety of opportunities for full or partial funding.

Your first step is to determine what type of post-graduate credential suits you best:

  • Research Masters or PhD streams
  • These programs require more independent and focused work in a specialized field of study. You will need to carry out your own research project under the guidance of a faculty supervisor and research committee.
  • Applied Masters
  • These types of programs are generally course-based with a thesis or capstone project and involve the practical application of the subject discipline. Applied Masters are more career-focused, preparing you for a specific professional career or specialty. Examples of these types of applied programs are Master of Education (MEd) and Master of Business Administration (MBA).
  • Professional programs
  • Professional programs provide specialized education leading to a profession that is governed by a regulatory body, such as medicine, optometry, dentistry, and law. These may also require a thesis or practicum component.

Common professional and graduate programs

The information below is meant as a guide only. UFV Academic Advising Centre will always do its best to present accurate information, but it is ultimately your responsibility to confirm the transferability of courses by contacting the institution to which you wish to transfer and looking up original, up-to-date resources.


There are many variables to consider when planning your program, to transfer, or pursue further studies at another university.
If you need help, refer to UFV's School of Graduate Studies or book an appointment with an academic advisor.


Filter by university or credential type with the dropdown selection menu or type a keyword into the search field to find information about a program or area of interest.

Area of study Program Credential type University Career/Job
Art therapy Professional program Other Art Therapist
Counselling and Social Work Applied Master

UFV & other

Administrator, Teacher, Case manager, Program developer in Human Services
Dentistry Professional program Other Dentist
Education Professional program UFV Teacher

Other resources: 

Degree level

UFV & other

Law School Professional program Other Lawyer, Judge, Paralegal
Medicine Professional program Other MD, Doctor of Medicine
Occupational Therapy Professional program Other Occupational therapist
Optometry Professional program Other Optometrist
Pharmacy Professional program Other Pharmacist
Physical Therapy Professional program Other Physiotherapist
Physician Assistant (PA) Professional program Other Physician Assistant
Veterinary Medicine Professional program Other Veterinarian


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