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Academic Advising Centre

Tools & resources

The tools, tutorials, tips, and guides listed on this page are curated to help you plan your academic journey and successfully navigate your time at UFV.

Self-serve resources do not replace individual appointments with an academic advisor.

Whether you are a current student or a prospective student considering UFV, you should check in with an academic advisor to receive personalized advice.



Research & plan your studies

Academic calendar

UFV's official source for information about courses and programs of study, admission requirements, academic regulations, academic standards, and general university policies for both undergraduate and graduate studies.

MyGRADplan (course planner)

Test different pathways, plan your majors/minors, and track the courses you’ve taken against your program requirements to ensure degree requirements are being met and that you're on track for graduation.

GPA calculator

MyGRADplan offers three different GPA reports, but if you don't have a UFV student account yet or if you need do a quick calculation, you can use this online calculator to determine your current or hypotetical Grade Point Average.

Career mapping tool

Connect studies to occupations and explore possible career paths.

Upgrading and University Preparation 

UFV's upgrading and university preparation programs and courses can help you upgrade your academic and workplace skills to help you reach your educational or employment goals.

Upgrading options at other institutions 

If UFV does not offer the upgrading courses you need, or you are looking for a different delivery model.



Prepare for the start of a new semester

Request a letter 

Request an official letter to secure a scholarship, pay-per-credit, or confirm information regarding your student record.  

Which program am I in?

With all the program options, it's easy to get mixed up about what your program is called. Here is a quick step-by-step tutorial to confirm the name of your program of study at UFV.

How to register for courses

An easy step-by-step to register for courses at UFV.

Pre-semester checklist

Follow this checklist to give yourself peace of mind knowing that you won't miss important steps getting ready for the beginning of the semester.

How to prepare for your academic advising appointment

Read this guide for a successful appointment with your academic advisor.



General post-secondary tips and resources

University vocabulary 101

University language may sometimes seem like jargon or be difficult to interpret. Use this glossary if you come across a term that you are unfamiliar with.

Differences between university and high school

Here are the major differences to expect when you make the transition from high school to university.

Time management strategy

Learn how to create a template for a typical week in the current semester.