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Financial Aid and Awards

Award Regulations

Regulations governing UFV bursaries and scholarships

Depending on the type of bursary, award or scholarship, you may be required to demonstrate one or all of the following in order to qualify:

  • Genuine financial need
  • Satisfactory academic achievement (or potential for satisfactory achievement)
  • Well-defined academic and/or career goals
  • Potential for success in your chosen vocational or academic career
  • Other added criteria required by the donor of an external award.

You are responsible for submitting a complete application form before the deadlines indicated in the award description. You can submit your completed application through myUFV for UFV-administered awards. For external awards, apply directly to the organization indicated in the listing.

It is recommended that after your receiving an award, you send a letter of acknowledgement to the sponsoring agency or party.

Disbursing an award

UFV reserves the right to issue award money to the student in installments, and, if necessary, to reassign awards to other students.

An award, or installment, will revert back to the University in cases where:

  • There is a lack of suitable candidates
  • The recipient fails to meet the terms of an award
  • The recipient withdraws from his or her program of studies
  • The recipient displays unsatisfactory conduct, attendance, or progress

UFV reserves the right to refrain from making an award if, in its opinion, the applicant does not meet the qualifications specified either in this section or in the description of the award.

Where the student has an outstanding promissory note indicating credit obligations to UFV, the University reserves the right to apply the award directly against the student's debt. If the amount of the award exceeds the unpaid fees, the balance will be paid to the student.