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Suspending or cancelling monthly parking

How to cancel your parking payroll deductions

  • Send a cancellation email to parking@ufv.ca which includes your license plate, employee name and number, along with written confirmation stating you would like to cancel.

Good to know

  • If on a valid leave, your parking deductions will automatically stop
  • If you come to UFV campuses during your leave, you are required to pay for parking
  • Upon return to work you must re-enroll for payroll deductions
  • Employees who cancel without being on a valid leave will not be able to re-enroll
  • The following are not valid reasons for cancellation: annual vacation or banked time off, short-term leave of absence, & utilizing alternative modes of transportation depending on the season


Parking lot codes

Abbotsford campus

UFV Abbotsford 1925
McKenzie Rd 2290
College Dr 2291
Gillis Ave 2292
Arena Overflow 2293

Chilliwack campus

UFV CEP 1712

Use Offstreet to pay for student parking

Offstreet is the most convenient way to pay for parking. Park worry free all semester.

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