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Parking tips and FAQs

Parking tips

  • Student/employee permits are not valid on city streets, or at AC's Student/Public Early Bird and Overflow parking lots.
  • Park in designated lots and stalls. See campus parking maps for the UFV Abbotsford campus and UFV Chilliwack campus at CEP.
  • Clearly display UFV permits/SPARC passes (if applicable). Failure to do so could result in a violation and/or tow.
  • License plate recognition software scans your license plate. Unregistered license plates could result in a violation and/or tow.
  • Daily pay parking does not allow in-out privileges on campus or between the ‌Abbotsford campus and the Chilliwack campus at CEP.
  • Do not park in a fire lane, impede traffic flow, or park in visitor, accessibility, or service stalls when loading or unloading a vehicle. Doing so could result in a violation and/or tow.

Frequently asked questions

Purchase a student e-permit online. Credit cards are accepted. Debit is accepted via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

No. There is no physical permit/pass issued. The vehicle's license plate becomes the "permit", and only one license plate can be registered.

Contact to switch your permit over to the new plate. Please include your previous plate number and student/employee ID in your email request.

License plate changes must be requested far enough in advance for the update to be processed (only registered license plates may park on campus).

If your plate was stolen while you were parked at UFV, it is recommended that you report the theft to UFV Security as soon as possible.

Yes. All permits (weekly, monthly, and semester) are valid in all UFV campuses marked parking stalls.

Please note that if you are a student, you cannot park in the designated employee lots.

Employees and students may not park in designated stalls such as, elder and accessibility, unless they have a valid permit for those stalls.

Daily pay parking is valid only at the campus where it was purchased. There is no in-and-out benefit when you pay at the meter or with the PayByPhone app. Consider purchasing a permit so that you can move between campuses worry-free.

Yes. Either return to any of the meters on campus and use the "Add Time" feature, or PayByPhone and follow the prompts.

Strict enforcement of pay parking is performed by Impark, and parking lots are patrolled frequently. Failure to pay for parking could result in a violation or tow.

Pay violations online within seven days and pay $60 or wait and pay $80.

Any vehicle in violation may be subject to removal at the owner's expense. On occasion, vehicles are towed on a 1st violation (fire lane, blocking drive aisles, unauthorized accessibility stall usage, safety reasons, etc.).

To pay your violation: See the ticket for payment option details and contact Impark.

  • Phone: 1-800-315-7275
  • Website: Impark
  • By Mail: P.O. Box 3590, Station Terminal, Vancouver, BC, V6B 6P3

To dispute your violation (in instances where proof of payment can be provided):

Contact and include your name, registered license plate(s), and student/employee number along with your proof of payment. If daily pay parking was purchased, provide the purchase receipt including the stall number. Include a legible copy of the ticket with your email.

Or contact Impark.

You must provide proof of payment to dispute your violation. Any dispute without valid proof of payment will not be considered.

Did your vehicle get towed? Contact the tow companies based on what campus/city you're in.

Yes! Impark provides a free service called "Parker Pete" if you need help with your vehicle on campus:

  • Need a boost
  • Have a flat tire
  • Ran out of gas

Need help? Call 1-877-771-PETE (7383).

Visit here for more info

Pay for parking over the phone using a credit card.

Report an out of order meter. Ensure the lot number and out of order meter number is provided.

  • Phone: 778-370-5050

If unable to pay at a meter please ensure to pay for parking via one of the alternative methods.

If stall number is not visible due to snow or other conditions, please enter appropriate parking stall number listed below. Please display receipt on dash


  • Visitors #247
  • Students #001

Or pay for parking by using the PayByPhone app.

Contact Impark to report monetary issues with a meter or request a refund.

For information, questions, and comments regarding electric vehicle parking and charging stations, contact UFV Energy

General inquiries

Contact for all general queries (Note: this email is only monitored twice a week)

Parking lot codes

Abbotsford campus

UFV Abbotsford 1925
McKenzie Rd 2290
College Dr 2291
Gillis Ave 2292
Arena Overflow 2293

Chilliwack campus

UFV CEP 1712

Use Offstreet to pay for student parking

Offstreet is the most convenient way to pay for parking. Park worry free all semester.

Learn more