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South Asian Studies Institute


The South Asian Studies Institute best practices and expertise gained and learned over the years has much to do with academic collaborative work, community collaborative work, collegiality, working with student researchers and volunteers and intellectual creativity. Below you will see such SASI partnerships.


Internal UFV Committees

  • South Asian Peer Network Association – Student Association
  • Racism and Anti-Racism Network (RAN)
  • Teaching and Learning Advisory Group
  • Research Advisory Committee
  • Arts Curriculum Advisory Committee
  • Chair Canada India Study Program Curriculum Committee
  • MA Migration and Citizenship Working Group
  • Chair MA Curriculum working group Migration and Citizenship
  • Member Peace Studies Working Curriculum Committee
  • Global Development Institute – Senior Associate
  • Senate Graduate Studies Committee
  • Undergraduate Education Council
  • Co-Chair: Language, Identity and Migration Research Group
  • Punj-aab Research Group
  • Diaspora Studies Certificate Committee
  • Senate Graduate Committee Appeal Panel Member 2013
  • UFV E-book publisher/editor 2013/14 – Special Issue: Gadhar Conference Papers
  • M.A. /M.Ed. Education and Community Studies Program Working Group
  • Senate Graduate Studies Committee – Vice Chair
  • Senate Graduate Studies- Supervisory Status Sub-committee member
  • Senate Graduate Studies – Appeal Panel member