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Course development

Required documents

Course outlines should be accompanied through the approval process by the appropriate memo template, and where applicable, the Supplemental texts and resource materials form and Transfer credit request form. If similar changes are being made to multiple courses, a single memo may be sufficient.

The Dean's office may also need to provide a budgetary memo.

Cross-listed courses will follow the Cross-listed courses operating policy. The Dean’s office should provide a rationale to support any new cross-listed courses. 

Changes to existing courses

For changes to existing courses, contact UEC Assistant Amanda Grimson for a Word version of the current official course outline. Proposed changes should be indicated using Word's "track changes" feature.

Significant changes were made to the course outline form in 2021. Courses on older forms must be moved to the new form when changes are proposed. Please copy all relevant information to the new form, then turn on Word's "track changes" feature before making revisions.

Courses do not need to be moved to the latest form as long as the "course outline form version" on the first page is dated 2021 or later. Contact Amanda Grimson for confirmation if you are unsure.


Memo templates

Learning outcomes

Additional course resources

Relevant policies

Other resources