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Faculty of Applied and Technical Studies

Power Line Technician


Train for a High Voltage Career

UFV’s Powerline Technician (PLT) program can lead to an exciting and well-paid career in building, maintaining, and repairing the overhead and underground electrical systems that power our world.

The UFV twelve-week Powerline Technician foundation program is delivered in collaboration with instructors from industry-recognized Electrical Industry Training Institute (EITI Global), who teach you the real-world technical and safety skills you need to succeed in this trade. If you have physical stamina, no fear of heights, and would love the freedom to work outdoors, this career is a great and lucrative option.


Details for Orientation

View course description for orientation and program details. Call 1-888-823-8734 to register for the orientation.

Credential: Pre-apprenticeship

Format: Full time

Duration: 12 weeks

Days and times: Mon – Fri, 7:00 am – 5:00 pm

Location: Chilliwack —Trades and Technology Centre

Tuition*: $12950

Additional costs: Supplies and equipment $3800

Program eligible for financial aid

Start dates: March, September

Application deadline:
Must register and attend a free orientation. After the orientation applicants will be interviewed for program application.

* Tuition subject to change without notice. Textbooks are not included in tuition.

Employment facts

Powerline technicians are employed by electric power companies, electrical contractors, public utilities, equipment suppliers or mining companies. The demand for electrical power keeps rising as society adopts new technologies. With an expected wave of older workers soon to retire, this trade is currently in high demand.

The Government of Canada's Job Market Report 2015-2024 reveals that, the demand for electrical powerline and cable workers and telecommunications line will remain stable. New job openings (arising from expansion demand and replacement demand) are expected to total 8,200, while 8,000 new job seekers are expected to be available to fill them.

Training to be a Powerline Technician is a nationally designated trade under the Red Seal program. Students who complete the UFV Powerline Technician foundation program can pursue an apprenticeship with an electrical utility or electrical contractor company.

Entrance requirements
  1. Full privilege B.C. driver’s license (Class 5 or 6) or equivalent is recommended (Class 7 will also be considered), with an acceptable driving record
  2. In order to qualify, candidates must successfully complete an orientation and interview to discuss physical stamina and the psychological attitude to work at elevated heights. The next orientation for Fall 2024 will be June 20, 2024. 

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Program outline

The Powerline Technician (PLT) program at UFV is a pre-apprenticeship program that provides you with the basic skills necessary to enter the workplace as a power line worker.

Powerline technicians build and maintain overhead and underground power transmission and distribution systems. They erect and maintain electrical poles, towers, and guy wires, and install or repair live-line wiring.

The program covers the activities and core skills required of a level 1 Powerline Technician and includes both theory and outdoor performance-based exercises. The hands-on training is delivered in collaboration with highly experienced instructors from Electrical Industry Training Institute (EITI Global).

During the program’s last week, an on-site job fair will provide you with the opportunity to meet employers, make connections and demonstrate your skills.

Powerline Technician is a nationally designated trade under the Red Seal program.

This course is now eligible for a student loan. Check out with UFV Financial Aid.

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