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Special admission

Special admission

Any person who does not meet stated admission requirements may petition UFV Academic Standards committee for special consideration.

Apply online. Download a Request for Special Admission form (pdf) or pick one up at an Office of the Registrar location. Fill out the form‌, and send it, with supporting documents, to the Office of the Registrar.

Your request should contain the following:

  • Your filled-out PDF form
  • Your application fee
  • A letter from a UFV advisor or counsellor
  • A rationale to explain why you seek special admission
  • A copy of a recent high school transcript

As a special admission applicant, you may also be required to undertake testing, write provincial examinations, attend an interview, and/or write an essay in order to assess academic level. Apply for special admission by April 30 for fall entry, October 31 for winter, or February 28 for summer semester.

If you are a home school applicant, please contact UFV Admissions at the Office of the Registrar for further information.