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High school grades and transcripts

COVID-19 & Return to campus update

Given the circumstances around COVID-19, you may be concerned about what will happen with your end-of-year transcript. We are confident that we will be able conclude the admission process based on the grades you receive, and are working hard to make sure your application will still be evaluated fairly, even if you have faced disruptions due to COVID-19. Check for the latest updates on COVID-19 and the return to campus.

UFV Official Transcript Guidelines

All UFV applicants are required to submit current, official, transcripts for all secondary and post-secondary institutions previously attended.  Photocopies, notarized copies or personal copies of documents are not acceptable and may delay the processing of your application.

Official High School Transcripts

A high school transcript will be considered official when:

  • Received in a sealed envelope from the Ministry of Education, or
  • Electronically; directly from the Ministry of Education, sending institution or an electronic exchange service.

Current BC High School Students

Visit the Student Transcript Services (STS) website to send your transcript to UFV.  It is recommended that current high school students select the option "Send my transcript now and allow this Post-Secondary Institution to request transcript updates until the date specified below", for UFV to receive both your interim and final grades once available.

Graduated and Former BC High School Students

Visit the Student Transcript Services (STS) website to send your transcript to UFV.  If you graduated after 1985 please select the option "Send my transcript electronically now" for UFV to receive your official grades.  If you graduated in 1985 or earlier you will need to contact your school of record or district office and request an official permanent record be mailed directly to UFV.

Out of Province High School Students or Graduation Outside of Canada

Please contact the Ministry of Education in the province or country where your final attendance and/or graduation was completed, and request an official sealed transcript sent directly to UFV.

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