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Concurrent studies

Secondary school students may take courses at UFV while still working toward secondary school graduation, under the following guidelines:

  • The student is attending a secondary school.
  • The student is deemed to have strong academic ability or may benefit substantially by taking the university course.
  • The student’s parent or legal guardian provides written support, and the student’s counsellor or principal provides a letter of recommendation.
  • The student may be considered for a maximum of two courses per semester, under normal circumstances. This limit may be increased in special circumstances, with approval of the appropriate dean.
  • The student is expected to meet course prerequisites, if any.

How to apply for concurrent studies

  1. Apply online for admission and pay the required application fee.
  2. Download and fill out the request for Concurrent Studies and submit it to the Office of the Registrar. You must indicate the specific course(s) and sections desired. Alternate choices are recommended.
  3. Submit all required documents to the Office of the Registrar by email at or in person at any campus. Documents should be submitted at least one month before the start of classes (submission by May 31 is recommended for fall semester).

Once the request is received, the admissions office will:

  1. Contact the course instructor(s) and program/department head for approval.
  2. Advise the applicant of acceptance and registration procedures.

Note 1: Students should be aware that approval of a concurrent studies request does not guarantee the student a seat in a course.

Note 2: Concurrent studies students who have applied before registration times have been scheduled will register at the end of the regular registration period (later applicants will be scheduled with late applicants according to the date of application).

Registration as a concurrent studies student

Approval to register as a concurrent studies student is given for one semester at a time. Students wishing to apply for a subsequent semester of concurrent studies can submit a second concurrent studies request form following the same procedures.

Students in concurrent studies will be treated as regular students in most respects, except that they may not register in a full range of courses, and are not admitted on an ongoing basis. Fees and deadlines are the same as for regular students. Upon completion of courses, students can order an official transcript to be sent to their school.

Students' information is protected under the B.C. Freedom of information and Protection of Privacy Act. Information will only be released to any third party, including parents, if the student has signed a Release of information form.

To continue studying at UFV after high school graduation, concurrent studies students need to apply to a UFV program for the semester following high school graduation. Regular application procedures for high school students should be followed; however, students will be treated as returning UFV students.

Students who have enrolled in concurrent studies at other recognized post-secondary institutions prior to secondary school graduation may be eligible for transfer credit. The student should submit an official transcript from the institution they attended.