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Board of Governors


Board Bylaws
110.01  Board of Governors' Roles and Responsibilities
110.02  Roles and Responsibilities of a Member of the Board of Governors
110.03  Board of Governors' Commitment to a Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards
110.04  Confidentiality of Board Information and Authorized Board Spokesperson
110.05  Conflict of Interest or Duty
110.06  Dismissal of a Board Member
110.07  Board Composition, Appointment, Election and Succession
110.08  Officers of the Board
110.09  The Board and Decision-Making Information
110.10  Educational Activities
110.11  Board Evaluation
110.12  Indemnification of Board Members
110.13  Expenses of the Board of Governor
110.14  Board Meeting Management and Board Processes Management
110.15  Committees of the Board
110.16  Delegation of Authority
110.17   Board Policies and Board Policy Directions
110.18  Presidential Performance Evaluation

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