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School of Creative Arts

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Program planning guides

UFV's Academic Advising Centre offers many resources for planning your program and choosing your courses. Start by reviewing the program planning guides below, and if you don't see a guide for your program or still have questions, book a one-on-one appointment with an academic advisor.


Upcoming creative arts courses

The information below may change without notice. Please refer to the official timetable when planning your semester.

Information about course offerings in 2024-25 will be available in Fall 2023. Please contact the School Director with questions about 2024-25 course offerings before that. 

Upcoming courses  Fall 2023

Winter 2024

Summer 2024

Art History  
100-level courses  
AH 100 History of Art and Culture in a Global Context x
AH 101 Art and Culture in the West to 1400 x
AH 102 Art and Culture in the West from 1400 to the Present ✓ 
200-level courses  
AH 200 Art History and its Methods x x
AH 203 History of Posters - The Art of Persuasion x x x
AH 204 Indigenous Art of the Northwest Coast x x
AH 205 Art Practices and Popular Culture  ✓  x  x
AH 215 Contemporary Canadian Art x x x
AH 219 Classical Art and Its Legacy x x
AH 230 Issues in Exhibition x x
AH 235 Art and Religion x x
300-level courses  
AH 311 Studies in Renaissance Art x x
AH 312 Studies in Baroque Art and Architecture x x x
AH 315 Arts in Context: Contemporary x x x
AH 316 Arts in Context: Gender, Art, and Society x x
AH 321 Canada: Contact Zone
AH 323 Arts in Context: Modernity and Modernism, 1850-1900 x x x
AH 324 Arts in Context: Avant-Garde Art, 1900-1945 x x
AH 330 Museum Principles and Practices x x
AH 340 Art and Fashion x x
400-level courses      
AH 403 Senior Seminar II / VA 403 Senior Seminar II x x
300-level courses      
ARTS 380 Practicum/Internship II x x
100-level courses      
FILM 110 Introduction to Film Studies ✓  ✓  x
200-level courses      
FILM 211 Film in a Global Age ✓  x x
FILM 212 History of Film x x
FILM 260 Video Production Techniques I ✓  x
FILM 261 Video Production II x
300-level courses      
FILM 311 Gender, Sexuality, and Film x x
FILM 312 India on Film x x x
FILM 320 Special Topics in Film Studies x x
FILM 360 Video Production III: Storytelling and the Director x
FILM 361 Video Production IV: Short Film Project x x
Interdisciplinary Studies   
300-level course      
IDS 300  Interdisciplinary Studies III (Pathology) x x
Media Arts      
100-level course      
MEDA 100 Introduction to Media Arts x
MEDA 110 Digital Imaging ✓  x
200-level courses      
MEDA 210 Digital Concept Art x x
MEDA 260 Exploring Creativity x x
MEDA 270 3D Modeling and Animation I x x
MEDA 280 Game Engines I x x
300-level courses      
MEDA 350 Critical studies in Digital Media in Canada x x
MEDA 360 Professional Practices for Creative Digital Industries x x
MEDA 370 3D Modeling and Animation II x x
MEDA 380 Game Engines II x x
400-level courses      
MEDA 401 Media Arts Integrated Project I x x
MEDA 402 Media Arts Integrated Project II x x
Scholarship of Creative Arts  
300-level courses      
SOCA 301 x x
400-level courses      
SOCA 401 Critical Theory for Creative Arts x x
100-level courses      
THEA 101 Introduction to Theatre and Performance Studies
THEA 105 Reading and Writing About Drama x x
THEA 111 Acting Skills for Work and Life
THEA 112 Essentials of Acting x
THEA 121 Technical Theatre I x x
THEA 123 Technical Theatre II x x x
THEA 125 Technical Theatre III: Technical Controls for Performance x x
200-level courses      
THEA 203 / ENGL 233 Performance History I: Antiquity to 1600 x x x
THEA 204 / ENGL 234 Performance History II: 1600-1900 x x
THEA 205 Foundations of Performance Studies x x
THEA 206 Dramaturgy x x x
THEA 210 Movement for Living x x
THEA 211 Acting II: Character and Scene Study x        x
THEA 215 Voice and Body I x x
THEA 250 Introduction to Storytelling in Indigenous, Theatrical, and Global Communities x x
THEA 290  Acting Practicum / THEA 291 Backstage Practicum x x
THEA 295 Backstage Practicum / THEA 299 Theatre Production Practicum / THEA 399 Intermediate Practicum in Theatre / THEA 499 Advanced Practicum in Theatre x x
300-level courses      
THEA 302 Canadian Performance Histories x x x
THEA 303 Gender and Performance x x x
THEA 304 Applied Theatre and Performance Methods x x
THEA 305 Theatre for Young Audiences x x x
THEA 306 History of Musical Theatre x x x
THEA 307 Intercultural Theatre and Performance x x
THEA 311 Digital Performance x        x
THEA 312 Acting III: Advanced Scene Study and Auditioning x        x
THEA 351 Directing I x        x
THEA 360 Special Topics in Performance Studies     x      x        ✓
THEA 399 Intermediate Practicum in Theatre x        x
400-level courses      
THEA 401 Performance Theory x x        x
THEA 451 Directing II x        x
THEA 452 Devised Theatre II x x        x
THEA 499 Advance Practicum in Theatre x        x
Visual Arts      
100-level courses      
VA 101 Figure Drawing x
VA 113 Introduction to Drawing ✓  x
VA 115 Introductory Studio I: Material Practices ✓  x
VA 116 Intro Studio II: Space, Form, and Time ✓ 
VA 119 Introductory Studio III: Digital Multi-Tool x
VA 180 Digital Photography x
200-level courses      
VA 221 Drawing II ✓  x
VA 222 Figure Painting ✓  x
VA 223 Painting I ✓ 
VA 224 Painting II x x
VA 231 Sculpture and Extended Media I ✓ 
VA 232 Sculpture and Extended Media II ✓  x x
VA 251 Print Media I ✓ 
VA 252 Print Media II
VA 271 Image, Sound, and Performance Art I
VA 280 Digital Photography: Advanced Imaging x
VA 283 Black-and-White Film Photography
VA 284 Darkroom Photography x ✓  x
300-level courses      
VA 321 Painting/Drawing III ✓  x x
VA 322 Painting/Drawing IV x x
VA 331 Sculpture & Extended Media III x x
VA 332 Sculpture & Extended Media IV x x x
VA 351  Print Media III: Mixed Media x x
VA 352 Print Media IV: Advanced Mixed Media x x
VA 360 Professional Development and Practices x x
VA 383 Intermediate Photography x x
VA 384 Large-Format Photography x x
VA 390 Community Arts Practice x x
VA 395 Special Topics in Visual Arts (Fall photo-print)        (Winter environmental art)
400-level courses      
VA 402 Senior Studio I x x
VA 403 Senior Seminar II x x
VA 404 Senior Studio II x x



Fall 2023 field trips

Courses scheduled with field trips scheduled inside and outside of class time are listed below. Please refer to the course syllabus on the first day of class for more details.

Class Date Performance
THEA 101 September 20 Little Shop of Horrors
THEA 101 October 18 Peace Country
THEA 101 November 8 How Black Mothers Say I Love You
THEA 101 November 29 Tar Sands Songbook


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