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Upcoming courses

Course Offerings for the 2023 - 2024 Academic Year

Although we do our best to plan our course offerings there are instances where a course may be changed or cancelled. Please refer to the official timetable when planning your semester.

Upcoming Courses Fall 2023 Winter 2024 Summer 2024
100-Level Courses
ENG 104 - Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG 105 - Academic Writing
ENG 108 - Introduction to Literature: Words & Worlds 
ENG 170 - Topics in Literature (Special Topics)
200-Level Courses
ENG 200 - Introduction to Literary Critical Methods X
ENG 201 - British Literature: 700-1700 X
ENG 202 - British Literature: 1700-1930 X
ENG 203 - Literature and Film (Special Topics) X X X
ENG 208 - Creative Writing: Screenwriting  X X
ENG 209 - The Structure of the English Language  X X X
ENG 210 - The Art of the Essay X X
ENG 211 - Creative Writing: Playwriting X X
ENG 212 - Creative Writing: Short fiction  X X
ENG 213 - Creative Writing: Poetry X X
ENG 214 - Rhetoric for Contemporary Writers  X X
ENG 215 - Creative Writing: Creative Non-Fiction  X X
ENG 220 - Development of the British Novel  X X X
ENG 223 - Literary and Narrative Traditions X X
ENG 226 - Renaissance Literature in Translation X X X
ENG 227 - European Literature in Translation: Romanticism to Modernism X X X
ENG 228 - Indigenous Literature  X X
ENG 233 - Performance History I: Antiquity to 1600 X X X
ENG 234 - Performance History II: 1600-1900 X X X
ENG 240 - An Introduction to Canadian Literature X X
ENG 245 - Introduction to South Asian Literature  X X
ENG 253 - Introduction to Storytelling in Indigenous, Theatrical, and Global Communities (also listed as THEA 250) X X
ENG 270 - Topics in Popular Fiction (Special Topics) X
ENG 271 - Topics in Contemporary Rhetoric (Special Topics) X X
ENG 280 - Children's Literature  X X
300-Level Courses
ENG 301 - Greek Epic and Drama in Translation X X
ENG 302 - Creative Writing: Advanced Short Fiction  X X X
ENG 303 - Creative Writing: Historical Fiction  X X X
ENG 304 - Topics in Medieval Literature  X X
ENG 306 - Chaucer Today X X
ENG 308 - Early Modern Poetry and Prose  X X X
ENG 309 - Topics in Renaissance Literature  X X
ENG 310 - Early Modern Drama X X X
ENG 311 - Creative Writing: Novel X X X
ENG 312 - Shakespeare X X X
ENG 313 - Creative Writing: Advanced Poetry X X
ENG 315 - Creative Writing: Children's Literature  X X X
ENG 316 - Milton X X
ENG 318 - Literature and the Enlightenment, 1660-1750 X X X
ENG 319 - The Eighteenth-Century Novel X X X
ENG 321 - The Later Eighteenth Century, 1750-1800 X X
ENG 323 - Special Topics in Romanticism  (Special Topics) X X X
ENG 325 - British Romanticism, 1780-1830 X X X
ENG 331 - Victorian Poetry and Poetic Theory X X
ENG 333 - Nineteenth-Century British Novels  X X X
ENG 335 - Topics in Victorian Literature  X X X
ENG 336 - British and Anglo-Irish Fiction, 1880-1930 X X X
ENG 338 - Studies in Modernism  X X
ENG 339 - British and Irish Fiction Since 1930 X X
ENG 340 - British and Irish Poetry Since 1930 X X X
ENG 341 - Topics in Contemporary British and Irish Studies  X X X
ENG 344 - American Literature 1620-1860 X X
ENG 348 - American Literature 1865-1910 X X X
ENG 349 - Topics in American Literature  X X X
ENG 350 - American Literature 1900-1945 X X
ENG 352 - American Literature of World War II and After  X X X
ENG 354 - Canadian Poetry and Prose, Beginnings to 1920 X X X
ENG 356 - Modern Canadian Prose  X X X
ENG 358 - Modern Canadian Poetry X X
ENG 360 - Topics in Canadian Literature  X X
ENG 361 - Canadian Drama X X X
ENG 362 - Literature of British Columbia X X X
ENG 363 - Autobiography X X X
ENG 364 - The Critical Tradition: Literature in Context  X X X
ENG 365 - Theatrical Modernisms (also listed as THEA 301) X X X
ENG 366 - Contemporary Perspectives on Literary Texts  X X
ENG 367 - Culture and Theory of Diaspora (also listed as ANTH 367) X X
ENG 368 - Topics in Drama  X X
ENG 369 - World Literature X X
ENG 370 - The History of the English Language  X X X
ENG 373 - Creative Writing: Advanced Creative Non-Fiction (also listed as JRNL 373) X X
ENG 374 - Rhetoric: Advanced Composition  X X X
ENG 376 - Rhetoric: An Historical Survey X
ENG 378 - Creative Writing: Advanced Screenwriting  X X X
ENG 379 - Rhetoric: Composition Teaching  X
ENG 380 - South Asian Literature  X X
ENG 381 - Creative Writing: Advanced Playwriting  X X X
ENG 382 - India in English  X X X
ENG 384 - Topics in South Asian Diaspora Literature  X X X
ENG 385 - Language as Persuasion: Communication Theory in Action (also listed as CMNS 385) X X X
ENG 386 - Figurative Language X X X
ENG 388 - Topics in Children's Literature  X X
ENG 390 - Creative Writing (Special Topics) X X
ENG 391 - Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky in English X X X
ENG 392 - Bulgakov, Pasternak, and Solzenitsyn (also listed as RUSS 392) X X X
400-Level Courses
ENG 401 - Seminar in Rhetoric and Literary Theory (Special Topics) X X X
ENG 403 - Seminar in Literature (Special Topics) X X X
ENG 405 - Seminar in Creative Writing  X X
ENG 490 - Directed Studies in English (Offered on request/ as needed) N/A N/A N/A
ENG 491 - Honours Directed Reading (Offered on request/ as needed) N/A N/A N/A
ENG 492 - Honours Directed Essay (Offered on request/ as needed) N/A N/A N/A


If you haven't found the course you were searching for or if you have any questions related to your academic planning, please schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor.

Taking English classes helped me better define my art practice because I fell in love with so many of the rich characters and themes that I studied. If an instructor is open to it, I think the sky is the limit with how creatively you can interpret an assignment — in the past I’ve used textile arts, stop motion, filmmaking, bookmaking and painting in a variety of ways.

  • – Sarah Sovereign
  •    Photographer
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