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Feature Co-op Positions

Example job opportunities available to Co-op students


Job Title: Staff Accountant/Analyst 

Employer: Deloitte

Job Description: Working with key team members, you will be helping organizations of all sizes perform better by providing services such as audits, tax, consulting, and financial advising.

Location: Vancouver, Langley, BC

Length: 4 months, Full-Time


Job Title: Marketing & Graphic Design

Employer: Vancouver Airport Authority

Job Description: Reporting to the Marketing Manager you will help promote YVR’s brand and engage in public outreach programs by developing ad campaigns, social media applications, community ads and presentations.

Location: Richmond, BC

Length: 4 months, Full-Time


Computer Information Systems (CIS)

Job Title: Technical Developer

Employer: SAP

Job Description: You will work on the development of web applications (both front-end and back-end) using SAP-proprietary languages. You will assist in feature development, testing and debugging, application support and business interaction.

Location: Vancouver, BC

Length: 8 months, Full-Time


Job Title: Information Management Services

Employer: Correctional Service of Canada-IMS Department

Preferred Majors: Computer Information Systems

Job Description: You will assist users in help desk support, support IT infrastructure, working with Microsoft Windows software and maintain computer hardware in a LAN/WAN environment.

Location: Fraser Valley, BC (Abbotsford, Mission, Agassiz and Vancouver)

Length: 4 months, Full-Time



Job Title: Laboratory Technician- BioSeparation Department

Employer: Neova Technologies Inc.

Job Description: The laboratory technician role will primarily involve industrial research with a focus on product development, process improvement/optimization, and applications/technical support. The Laboratory technician will assist in chromatography, electrophoretic (SDS-PAGE) and other analytical separation methods, ELISA and Western Bolt, protein chemistry and characterization.

Location: Abbotsford, BC

Length: 4 months, Full-Time


Job Title: Agriculture Student Research Assistant

Employer: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Job Description: The Student Agriculture Research Assistant will work alongside the Senior Soil Resource Specialist in soil, water, crop, manure, and weather sampling for on farm and small plot research sites involving blueberry fertilization, forage irrigation, and dairy manure management.

Location: Agassiz, BC

Length: 8 months, Full-Time



Job Title: Student Border Services Officer

Employer: Canada Border Services Agency

Job Description: Working with the border services officers (BSOs) to ensure the country’s security and prosperity by managing the access of people and goods to and from Canada. Carry out primary inspection at international airports across the country and work in postal operations. As a SBSO, you will promote compliance with Canada’s border, trade and tax legislation and regulations through responsible enforcement, quality service and education.

Location: Vancouver, BC

Length: 4 months, Full-Time


Job Title: Youth Leadership Intern

Employer: BC Wildlife Federation

Job Description: The Youth Leadership Intern, under the supervision of the BCWF Youth Coordinator will assist and be involved in all aspects of the planning, budgeting, delivery, participation and reporting of two youth leadership workshops.

Location: Surrey, BC

Length: 4 months, Full-Time


Feature Co-op Student

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If you are interested in applying to the Co-op program, please review the entrance requirements in the academic calendar and apply in CareerLink.