Research Ethics

Researchers at, or associated with, UFV are required to follow research ethics protocols to ensure their research protects human participants. Primary institutional responsibility for reviewing research involving humans at UFV rests with the Human Research Ethics Board (HREB) and individually with the researchers themselves. UFV expects all researchers to adhere to the principles described in the Research Ethics policy.

Where to start? Check out our FAQs.

Ethics approval: A step by step overview

As a first step in the research process, students and faculty are strongly encouraged to download the PDF , a detailed guide on how to conduct research at UFV.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Handbook for Researchers.
    Everything you need to know about the process is included here.
  2. Complete the request for ethical review (choose appropriate form).
  3. Prepare supporting documents
  4. If  you are a student researcher and the project is of minimal risk, then send it to your Department Research Ethics Committee (DREC) member.
  5. All faculty and graduate students must submit item numbers 2 and 3 to the Research Office by emailing

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