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Research Ethics

Research ethics at UFV

Explore how ethics fits into research at UFV

Before you start your UFV research, learn what is research ethics and how your research needs to adhere to UFV standards.


Learn about the Research Ethics Board's role at UFV

The primary institutional responsibility for reviewing research involving humans at UFV rests with the Human Research Ethics Board (HREB or Board). The Board follows a set of governing definitions procedures, and guidelines.

Human Research Ethics Board 2023 Terms of Reference.

Download a summary of HREB policies and procedures - these are under review. Please contact Yvette Fairweather if you need more information.



Read UFV's policies on Human Research Ethics

UFV expects all researchers to adhere to the principles described in UFV Secretariat's research-related policies.

Read UFV research-related policies


Get certified in TCPS2 core training

All team members on HREB applications, including those students within a research course, must complete the TCPS 2: CORE training.

Take your core training


Determine project requirements

Things to consider may include whether your course's research or non-research designation, risk levels, review and project characteristics such as a one time study or if its over several years.

Get guidance notes


Is an ethics review required?

UFV follows specific guidelines and a risk matrix to determine whether a research ethics application goes to a delegated minimal review or full board review. Most research involving humans will fall into the minimal risk category for review.

Understand levels of risk and review


Start your application

Now that you understand why there are principles to guide the review process, you are ready to learn the system UFV uses to manage research applications and to begin preparing your documentation.

Start your application process

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