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Lenore Newman

Lenore Newman, PhD

Canada Research Chair, Food Security and Environment

Planning, Geography, and Environmental Studies

Abbotsford campus, B353 / A407c

Phone: 604-504-7441 ext. 4805

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Lenore Newman holds a Canada Research Chair in Food Security and Environment at the University of the Fraser Valley, where she is currently an Associate Professor of Geography and the Environment. She also serves as Director of the Food and Agriculture Institute at UFV. Lenore’s academic career as a culinary geographer has included fieldwork around the globe in the study of public markets, regional cuisines, farmland preservation, global food security, and the ecology of the world’s food system.

Lenore’s first book, Speaking in Cod Tongues: A Canadian Culinary Journey, was published by University of Regina Press in 2017 and won a Saskatchewan book prize. It has been reviewed in the National Post, the Toronto Star, and The Globe and Mail, and led to fifty print, radio, and television interviews, including on The Current, North by Northwest, CKNW, and Unreserved.

Lenore has also authored over forty academic papers and reports in her areas of research. She is particularly proud of her work on foraged foods and on the impact of climate change on cuisine.

Lenore’s work has received widespread attention, and in 2014 she was inducted into the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. She has published op-eds in Georgia Straight, the Vancouver Sun, The Globe and Mail, Alternatives Magazine, and Modern Agriculture Magazine, and she has been interviewed for a diverse and growing range of media outlets on topics such as farmland protection, Canadian cuisine, and the future of food.


  • PhD, York University, 2004
  • MES, York University, 1999
  • BSc (Hons), University of British Columbia, 1996

Teaching Interests

  • GEOG 140: Human Geography
  • GEOG 314: Geography of Food
  • GEOG 316: Geography of Food II: Fermendation

Research Interests

  • Technology and the future of food: Including the evolution of the food system including bioengineering, cultured meat, dietary trends and indoor agriculture.
  • Agricultural land use policy: Including agricultural land preservation, agriculture on the rural/urban fringe, and global land use patterns.
  • Place making through food and agriculture: Including direct marketing, edge city zoning, and culinary tourism experiences.



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"(Research has) been a really sweet way to optimize my time at school. Looking back, I’m so grateful that I did this. It has truly been a highlight to work under Shelley (Canning). She has been a wonderful mentor and has impacted me and my nursing practice immensely."

  • – Rosaley Klassen
  •    BSN

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