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Supported Learning Groups

Supported Learning Groups

What are Supported Learning Groups?

Supported Learning Groups (SLG) are free and peer-led study sessions offered on campus. They cover a wide range of courses, including science, math, stats, business, and arts. 

Wouldn't it be helpful to meet new people in your classes that you could study with? SLG gives you that opportunity!

Who We Are

SLG leaders are trained UFV students who have taken the course they are supporting before and excelled. They attend lectures every week with you and stay up to date on the material. In their sessions, they will help you study by providing activities and tools like worksheets and practice quizzes. See if your class is supported this semester by checking out the SLG schedule.

Quotes from Previous Students

“I’ve never done so well in math. Without SLG I’m certain I would have failed or just scrimped by. Now I’m getting my first A in math- in my whole life.” 

MATH 105 student 

“In previous semesters when I did not attend SLG, I would frequently fall behind and would cram the material in before a midterm. I found attending SLG not only made my grades improve, but also kept me at a good studying pace which significantly improved my mental health. I absolutely love SLG, and my leader has done an outstanding job throughout the whole semester. I honestly look forward to SLG sessions due to his approach and I cannot thank him enough for all his support. I can't wait to attend SLG sessions next semester!”

CHEM 213 student