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Supported Learning Groups


What is SLG?

SLG stands for Supported Learning Groups. They are a series of weekly sessions that are peer-led and provided for selected courses. These sessions are designed to make learning collaborative. They allow students the opportunity to interact with each other to not only share their own techniques and tricks for learning but to learn new ones. They provide a chance to compare notes, discuss important concepts, and develop study strategies for the specific subject. 

What is an SLG Leader?

An SLG leader is a current student at UFV who has previously taken the course and earned a high grade. Leaders have been trained on how to share what they have learned from the course and how to study effectively for the material. Leaders will attend current classes, so they will hear the same lecture and read the same readings, staying up to date with the course material. 

What do I get out of it?

You will develop a better understanding of the course material and gain effective ways to study. Most students who regularly attend SLG sessions obtain a better grade than they would have if they didn’t. Additionally, the skills learned from SLG can be used to help you in other courses as well.

When do SLG sessions begin?

Sessions generally start the second or third full week of classes. SLG leaders will introduce themselves during the first class and gather every student’s availability. From that, they figure out the best time to offer their sessions and will announce session times in class once they are determined. 

Can I start anytime during the semester?

Yes, it is never too late to attend your first session! Whether you need regular support understanding the course material or a little extra help around exams, you can drop in anytime during the semester to study with your peers and leader. 

Do I have to sign up for sessions?

No, sessions are run on a drop-in basis. If you feel the program is not right for you, it is okay to only attend one session.

What if I can’t make it to the sessions?

If the sessions conflict with your schedule, you can always book an appointment with your leader during their office hour. Leaders are available once a week, either in person in Abbotsford or online, to help further clarify anything that you may be having trouble with. 

How do I attend my leader’s office hour?

Email your leader in advance to book your time. Emails and leader info can be found on our SLG Session Times page. Office hours, unless otherwise stated, are held on the Abbotsford Campus in the SLG Centre in C1007.

I am from a different section. Can I still attend a session?

Absolutely! Keep in mind, course content may differ slightly between sections, so what our leaders review may not be the same material that you are learning in class. 

What is the difference between a TA, Tutor, and SLG Leader? 

Teaching Assistant

  • Is an expert in the subject area.
  • Assists in class.
  • Presents subject matter in class under the direction and guidance of the instructor. 
  • Marks assignments.
  • Observes students' performance.
  • Plans, prepares, and develops various teaching aids for the instructor.


  • Is an expert in the subject area.
  • Has previously taken the course.
  • Works with students one on one outside of class time.
  • Teaches students how to learn.
  • Motivates students and provides them with academic confidence.
  • Helps students develop study skills and strategies.
  • Assists students with individual concerns and needs.
  • Meetings by appointment only.

SLG Leader

  • Is an expert in the subject area.
  • Attends the class with you.
  • Holds group study sessions outside of class time.
  • Teaches students how to learn.
  • Motivates students and provides them with academic confidence.
  • Helps students develop study skills and strategies.
  • Regularly scheduled, open sessions every week.
  • Facilitates group learning.
  • Leads exam prep and review.
  • Has a strong relationship with the instructor.

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