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Supported Learning Groups

Prospective Leaders

What you need:

  • Good overall academic standing: GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Success in the class you would like to lead
  • Faculty approval (we'll work this out with you)
  • Self-motivation

What you get:

  • Money: this is a paid position
  • Training: after a 3-day training workshop you'll meet with mentors bi-weekly to discuss your experiences and grow as a leader
  • Experience: the time you spend as an SLG leader will be highly valued by any future employer
  • Conference opportunities: as a leader you get an opportunity to present at national & international conferences
  • Staff Parking Discount: as a work study student you will be able to purchase a staff parking pass, which is priced lower than standard student parking passes, and will allow you to park in all lots on all UFV campuses
  • Friends: our training sessions are a lot of fun, and you'll get to know other leaders who will be going through the same things you are
  • Priority Registration: you will also get priority registration for the fall and winter semesters.

Interested in being an SLG Leader?

Please fill in the SLG Leader application for Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 terms. An updated resume is also required.

Feel free to stop by C1007 or email us at for more information.

Now Hiring SLG Leaders For:

BUS 145/249               KIN 163, 170, 270           SOCIO 101

CHEM 113/213            MATH 111/141                 GEOG 103

ECON 100/101            STAT 106


Register for the upcoming SLG INFO SESSION by emailling

Questions? Please read SLG FAQ's

If your class does not have an SLG session:

  • Talk to your professor about the program and if they would be interested.
  • Contact the SLG coordinator at or stop by the SLG Centre in room C1007 to get more info. 
  • Check if the class is academically challenging for students.  Example, if the class has a high dropout rate.

"A great benefit for myself and other SLG leaders is the opportunity we have to network with faculty and build relationships with students. The connections made with these esteemed professionals and aspiring tyros, in a multitude of departments, have not only enriched my UFV experience but have allowed me to become a recognizable face on campus"

Britt, SLG Mentor

"As a student, I have always been curious and passionate to learn. As a leader, I am able to share this passion with my fellow students. I get to learn more as a leader and get to know my fellow students and make new friendships too!"

Monique, SLG Leader (History)

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