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Teaching science

This resource set has been developed based on input from faculty in the science areas at UFV. It is by no means exhaustive but intends to initiate a place for faculty to share their favourite teaching and learning ideas and links. Credit is given to Judy Larsen from the Upgrading and University Preparation department for discussing resource ideas with faculty, compiling the initial resource set, and developing its structure.

Resources for instructors

This section includes general teaching strategies that can be used across science areas. These include stories for introducing particular concepts, methods for student engagement and for improving students' quality of scientific writing, assignments that elicit cognitive thinking while maintaining low marking load on the instructor, as well as lab ideas.

Assignment and quiz approaches

Class structures



This section includes content-specific resources organized by subject. These include problem sets, data sets, visualizations, textbook resources, notes, PowerPoints, etc.


Science (general)


Physical Geography


Contact Jeff Chizma for more Maple Visualization resources.

Contact Derek Harnett for Physics-related Mathematica resources.


Datasets provided by David Chu

This section includes literature on differentiated instruction, student engagement strategies, flipped classrooms, note taking, math anxiety, creating safe learning spaces, etc.

Flipped classrooms and problem based learning approaches

Mathematics and culture and mathematical thinking

Student engagement

Resources for students and instructors

This section includes public domain links that may be of interest to instructors and/or students in the sciences. These can also be used to integrate into lesson planning to bring in a real-world connection to a particular lesson.

Science news

TED Talks

This section is intended for student use. Faculty may refer students to these resources to help them with studying, brushing up on prerequisite knowledge, and acquiring technological skills. It includes prerequisite resources, links to labs experiments performed in settings impossible to replicate at UFV, scientific writing examples, study apps, LaTeX materials, Excel materials, SPSS materials, information about Windows file management, and using network drives on UFV campus.

Key concepts

The following are sample link. If you are looking for a specific topic, searching YouTube for that topic is a great first step to finding an explanation that is helpful. Not all explanations are always correct online, but the links included on this page have been vetted and/or suggested by UFV faculty.




Physical Geography

All topics



  • ExcelIsFun (Excel tutorials with downloadable worksheets)


File management

Mobile apps for studying

A great study idea is to find an app on your mobile device that will help you study your content. There are no recommended apps at this time, but if you have one to suggest, please email Judy Larsen.