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Pay Periods
Timesheet and Payroll Schedule
Payroll Forms
Federal and Provincial Tax Forms
Direct Deposit
Historical Pay & T4 information
Canada Savings Bond
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Pay Periods

UFV has 24 pay periods per year.  with paydays being on the 15th and the last day of each month.  If the 15th or last day of the month falls on a weekend, the payday will be the Friday before the respective weekend.  

Salaried Employees - the pay periods are from the 1st through the 15th, and the 16th through to the last day of the month.  There is no "time holdback", meaning on the 15th of the month your pay will include all time up to and including the 15th. 

Hourly Employees -  the pay periods are generally from the 23rd of the last month to the 7th of the current month and will be deposited for the 15th of the month payday. The last day of the month pay period usually includes the 8th to the 22nd.  These dates vary, timesheet employees should reference the Pay Schedule for an detailed listing of dates.  * Important* Timesheets must be signed, approved and submitted to Payroll on the due date noted on the Pay Schedule  ( one week before the payday).  Late timesheets will be paid on the following payday.

Timesheet and Payroll Schedule

Timesheets and our current payroll schedule are both available below.  Please ensure you allow sufficient time for your supervisor to sign your timesheet before the due date.

1516 Pay Schedule‌    2015 Schedule for timesheet employees
Payroll Timesheet    For faculty, staff and work study
TD1 2015 Form    Personal Tax Credits Return Form
TD1BC 2015 Form    B‌C Personal Tax Credits Return Form
Canada Savings Bond Enrolment     Please contact Payroll for more information.
Direct Deposit Form    To authorize or change direct deposit information
Payroll Deduction Form    To donate to UFV via payroll deduction
Status Indian Tax Exemption Guidelines    Status Indian Tax Exemption Guideline
Status Indian Tax Exemption Form    Status Indian Tax Exemption Claim Form

Federal and Provincial Tax Forms

Federal and Provincial tax forms are to be completed at the start of employment and if changes are required regarding your personal tax deductions.  

If you have another job outside of UFV, you may want to adjust your TD1 and TD1BC to ensure that sufficient tax is deducted ( thereby possibly avoiding having to pay additional taxes on your income tax return).   For those with more than one job and are earning more than the basic exemption amount per year in total, we suggest you claim the exemption on only one job ( typically the highest paying one ). Your TD1 claim amount can be adjusted at anytime by completing the above forms and re-submitting to Payroll.  

Direct Deposit

Having your pay directly deposited to your bank account is significantly more efficient for you as well as for us.  Your direct deposit can be split into up to three separate bank accounts based on either a flat amount or percentage of total net pay.  Please complete the Direct Deposit Form and return to Payroll at the start of your employment and anytime changes are required to your deposit information.

Historical Pay & T4 Information

Payroll Information including pay stubs, earning history and deduction history can be found online via myUFV.    You can also consent, view and print your T4 form, review your benefit information and apply for an employee parking pass on myUFV.  Click Here for more information on how to log on and access this information.

Canada Savings Bond

UFV offers and encourages eligible employees to participate in the Canada Savings Bonds ( CSBs ) Payroll Savings Program.  Our Payroll Department can assist you in setting up the Payroll Savings Program and will advise when the annual sales campaign runs, typically early October to November.   For more information on how to get started or if changes to your savings plan are required, please contact us.

Address & Name Changes

Employees requesting changes to their address or name should complete the required change forms as soon as possible and return to Human Resources.  Human Resources will advise the Payroll department of the change on your behalf.

Employee Change of Address Form

Employee Name Change Form

Payroll Directory

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Payroll Officer


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