Payroll Information On myUFV

MyUFV offers employees an online portal to view and update Employee Information such as:

  • Payroll Information
  • T4/Tax Information
  • Expense Claim Pay
  • Benefits
  • Parking Pass Application

Steps to Access Employee Information on myUFV:


Log on

Visit and enter your User name (your 9-digit Employee ID) and Password and click Login.

On your initial login, the password is your Birthday: yymmdd, ie 850706 if your birthday is July 6, 1985.



On the Home Tab you will find myUFV Records Services on the left hand side. Click Employee Information then Employee tab, if not already selected at the top of the screen.

Follow the below steps to view:
Pay Information For pay stubs, click on Pay Stub, select year and click Display. Click on pay stub date to view pay stub detail.
Expense Claim Payment Select Expense Claim Pay Stub, select the year and click Display.
Tax Forms Select Tax Forms
Learn more about T4 Consent & Printing
Vacation Balance To view vacation balance, select Leave Balance
Earning & Deduction
Select Pay Information, click on Earning History. Select the date range and click Display.
Benefits Select Benefits, Health Spending Account (HSA) or Development & Training (DTA)
Learn more about your Benefits
Parking Pass
Select Parking Pass Application
Learn more about Employee E-permits
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